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Trophy Room for Ron Woodward

Specie: wels catfish
Weight: 125lb and 126lb
Location: Ebro

These two fish were the result of my first ever catfishing expedition ( both taken on my first night ) , the first cat I landed was a 125.00 lb fish, which was soon followed by a 136.00 lb fish, they were both caught from the mighty river Ebro system and have started me off in the pursuit of capturing large catfish.
Specie: wels catfish
Weight: 148lb
Location: Ebro

This was the largest catfish that I Landed on that very first catfish trip, in 6 days and nights I accounted for 12 catfish, with seven of them breaking the 100 pound barrier. the fish pictured from the Ebro system weighed in at 148 lbs and is my biggest catfish to date.
Weight: 43lb
Location: Les Quis

Pictured here is my personal best Common carp, it weighed in at 43lbs 12ozs and was one of 15 carp captured from a very well known lake in central France Les Quis, were I spent a week fishing on the long lake, on a last minuet cancellation.
Specie: carp
Weight: 46lb
Location: Seine

This is my current personal best Linear carp, it weighed in at 46.00 lbs, and was captured on a three day fishing trip to the river Seine, in the Champaign region of France, it was caught from just a couple of feet out from the bank and put up a tremendous fight when it took me into the fast flowing river currents.
Specie: carp
Weight: 48lb
Location: Lac Du Der,

This is my personal best Leather carp and weighed in at 48.00 lb, it was one of several large carp caught on a trip to the largest man made reservoir in Europe, Lac Du Der, it was caught in September when the fishing conditions are hard, because of the famous Chanty mud, unless you have fished there, you will not know what I mean.
Specie: carp
Weight: 53lbs 8ozs
Location: Lac Du Der.

Here is my biggest Mirror carp to date, it also was captured from Lac Du Der in France and weighed in at 53lbs 8ozs, a beast of a fish. it came from only 50 yards out and in the middle of the day, a rare occurrence at Lac Du Der.
Specie: Albino wels catfish
Weight: 108.00 lbs

This is my fish of a life time, caught in Spain, an albino catfish, it weighed in at 108.00 lbs, and was my first take of my second trip catfishing and to top it off, it was on a free trip I had won at a CCG meeting, which I had only just joined on the day of the meeting, as you can see from some of my captures, I am a very lucky angler.

Here is a brace of catfish from my last trip to Spain. They both beat my old personal best of 146.00 lbs, they weighed in at 151.00 and 154.00 lbs, they were both caught in the same night and beat my first night brace by some 44.00 lbs

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