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Trophy Room for Carey Manning

Specie: Carp
Weight: 36lb 8oz
Location: Stowmarket

My name is Carey Manning and I am 16 years of age.This is my PB carp of 36lb 8oz. It was caught from a venue in my hometown of Stowmarket. I went to the venue at around 5:00pm, everyone there said that nothing was feeding etc. I set-up up my 11ft match rod and tied a size 2 hook direct to 4lb line. I cast out and within 5 mins I had hooked the largest fish in the lake!! The carp gave a good account of itself and was returned unscathed, I am the sole person to capture the fish.
Specie: Pike
Weight: 13lb

Specie: Pike
Weight: 14lb 8oz

Specie: Carp
Weight: 15lb 8oz


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