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Trophy Room for Ian Wakeford

Specie: pike
Weight: 23.6

This is a late sumer pike from a local gravel pit of 23.6, I was tempted into a weeks carp fishing by a friend, but after two days got bored and went piking. I'm glad I did.
Specie: pike
Weight: 32.10

This pike weighed 32.10, and is my current personal best for this species. It was caught on a manky old mackeral tail that I could not be bothered to change.
Specie: catfish
Weight: 48lb

This cat weighed 48lb, and is the leanest, meanest cat I have ever caught. It took two bream that I was using for bait, one on each rod. The only problem was which rod to wind it in on.
Specie: catfish
Location: 47lb

Another cat, this one 47lb, this is a very fat fish being lifted back into the water.
Specie: catfish
Weight: 46lb

A rainy old day but still the cats were feeding, staring into each others eyes. 46lb.
Specie: catfish
Weight: 57lb

Straining a bit to hold this one, although it looks like I need a bowel movement, 57lb, of catfish that is.
Specie: pike
Weight: 23lb 4oz

Another late summer pike, 23lb 4oz, this fish tried to snag me on a swan that was swimming past, as it was the only feature it could find. Very powerful fish and my best pike fight ever.
Specie: catfish
Weight: 45lb

Nice photo showing a very fat cat of 45lb, note the bait boat in the background on solar charge. Standard tool for the job as far I am concerned. More pike and cat stuff can be found at my web site -

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