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Trophy Room for Jim Hickey

Specie: mirror carp
Location: France

A large mirror caught on a second chance/IAC fundraising trip to France
Specie: carp
Weight: 34.02

My UK personal best at 34.02, this fish was caught in the most extraordinary circumstances, still thats fishing with my mate Ginger.
Specie: catfish
Location: France

My first catfish caught just after a crazy night at that red lake somewhere in France.
Location: Stour in Dorset

A winters day on the Stour in Dorset
Specie: Yellowtail Kingfish
Location: New Zealand

The Yellowtail Kingfish from New Zealand possess the ability to crashdive like a Pollock on nitrous oxide, what a fish - and they go to over 90lbs
Specie: pike
Location: Thorpe park

An old photo of Paul Stevens and myself at a Thorpe park pike-in. He is now a shining example to the work of the Second chance charity.
Specie: wild brown trout
Location: North Island of New Zealand

A fine wild brown trout caught from a lake south of Toupo on the North Island of New Zealand.

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