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Trophy Room for Geoff Maynard

Specie: Cat Fish
Weight: 40lb

This has got to be the best picture that Maggi has ever taken. It captures the very essence of the moment of capture and I can't understand why it has never been used as a magazine cover, but that's probably because I never sent it to anyone! As you can tell, I was over the moon at the time, as it was not only biggest cat that I'd ever caught so far, it was also a new lake record. At the time, it weighed in at 40lb plus a few ounces. Last night I spoke to Ian Wakeford who has just caught it again, five years later , at a new high of 57lb - and it's still a lake record.
Specie: Spanish wels catfish
Weight: 80-something pounds
Location: river Ebro

A giant Spanish wels catfish from the river Ebro. This one of many large fish that my friends and I have taken from this river. We have finally cracked how to catch them but only after a long hard struggle. This fish weighed 80-something pounds and was important because it marked the turning point in our fortunes. Paul Garner and I had spent two weeks loosing one fish after another before we got this one. I have had several similar sized fish since but none quite as special as this one. We really worked very hard for it. It was our first fish on a new, to us anyway, stretch of water and took a carp livebait.
Specie: carp
Weight: 20lb
Location: Wintons fishery

Talking of livebait. This one was just a little too big! There is nothing really special about a 20lb carp anymore but this seriously was different. I was on a cat-fishing trip to Wintons fishery and was tiddler snatching for livebait when this big common ruined the swim. Caught it on a size fourteen hook and 4lb line - took me ages to land it.
Specie: pike
Weight: 20lb

As you can see, this was taken a few years ago on the Avon. Another special fish because it was my first river-pike of over 20lb (just over - despite what that lying toe-rag Pete says!) and because a hour or so later I was almost bankrupt! The reason? This fish was caught on Black Weds remember that one? and provided an even higher "interest rate" than usual.
Specie: pike
Weight: 25lb 4oz
Location: Honeycroft Lake in Kent

And another of Pete's famous "cut the tail off" shots. I'm sure it's jealousy. This one is still my best ever lake-pike, I don't fish for them much these days. Perhaps that ought to change. Anyway, it was another lake record at 25lb 4oz and came from Honeycroft Lake in Kent. About ten or twelve years ago that was. While I was playing it, it snagged up 3 other lines. Paternosters, floats leads and baits in one huge tangled mess. The whole lot jammed in the tip-eye with the fish still ten foot from the bank so I asked Pete to cut off the other lines. He cut ALL the lines. I had to drop the rod, tie the loose ends together and finish landing the fish with my heart almost giving out at every beat. Very funny and exciting capture.
Specie: Rainbow Trout
Weight: 10lb
Location: Essex

What can I say. I think I remember that it tasted delicious! Seriously, this was a bit of a red-letter day. Both Pete Henton and I had a brilliant day on a trout fishery somewhere out in Essex. (Well - buy an ad and I'll mention you!!) This was one of several large rainbows that we took that day, all in the 6 to 10lb bracket. Pete had a pair of 5lb browns the on the same trip.
Specie: sturgeon
Location: Frazer River in Canada

A sturgeon. One of loads that Maggi and I caught from the Frazer River in Canada. This is one very special species of fish. Without a doubt these rate as the hardest fighting freshwater fish that I have ever encountered. The only thing that comes even close is a river catfish, but catfish don't jump. The one in the photo is a small one. To catch a sturgeon is an experience that all anglers really ought to experience then start action groups to ensure they are re-introduced into our rivers. Forget the salmon preservation stuff - put the sturgeon back in the Thames!
Specie: barbel

Aahh. A big bar of gold. Alan Tomkins got me into this barbel fishing lark and now I can't leave it alone. At the end of my second season chasing them I finally got a double. But like the lady says it's not the size that counts. Alan still thrashes me at this big gudgeon lark so I'm gonna keep on practising.

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