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Trophy Room for John Hockley

Specie: pike
Weight: 17lb 8oz
Location: Thorpe Ski Lake, Surrey

This is a pic of a 17lb 8oz pike caught at Thorpe Ski Lake, Surrey. It struck only 5 minutes into the session and gave a very good account of itself, taking 15 mins to land. I assumed it was it's slim line build which gave it it's power.

It took a whole sardine injected with pilchard oil on size 8 semi-barbless trebles, 18 inch 15lb pike wire trace, an in-line 2 oz sliding lead with 15lb mono line.
Specie: Rainbow trout
Weight: 10lbs
Location: Coltsford Mill Fishery, Oxted, Surrey

This Rainbow trout (10lbs) was taken on a "Goldhead Damsel Nymph" at Coltsford Mill Fishery, Oxted, Surrey. It gave a good fight on a no. 7 fly rod, floating no. 7 line and a 12 ft 4lb b.s. mono leader. Using the light tackle I would easily compare the fight to a carp or pike of twice this size!!
Specie: Mirror Carp
Weight: 21lb 12oz
Location: tidal Thames

This is a picture of a 21lb 12oz Mirror Carp caught on the tidal Thames not far from Teddington Lock, London. It was caught on a home made 18 mm Winter-8 boilie just before low tide. I've waited patiently for a 20lb + for over 10 years!!

They say a river twenty is equivalent to a stillwater thirty don't they?? :o)

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