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Trophy Room for Malcolm Cormack

Specie: carp
Weight: 19lb 2 oz

" I was invited to fish a coporate fishing day at BIRD'S GREEN, ESSEX which involved fishing from 10.00am to 117.00pm. During the match ( I caught eighteen carp smallest being a 6lb 2oz mirror carp upto this fish which weighed in at a clossal ( for me that is ) 19lb 2 oz. I fished the margins ( aprox 18 inches ) and had carp in my swim all day, in fact I lost more fish that I actually caught. All this happened on a ABU 13 foot match rod to 4lb line with size 14 hook of breaking strain 3.2lb. Bait used was banded trout pellet ( strawberry flavour ). All carp had to be weighed and witnessed by the Hosts and my overall total weight was 165lbs 7oz. The chap on my left hand side weighed in just over 8lbs and the cahp on my right blanked !!. I won the match by some considerable margin but can advise I am not a matchman or carp specialist but just a run of the mill addicted pleasure angler. I very much doubt if this will happen again but you never know ".

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