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Trophy Room for Andrew Rawlingson

Specie: houndfish
Location: Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Although not the largest fish I have ever caught, this has to be my favourite picture. This houndfish was caught on the last morning of a month long backpacking/fishing trip to the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. It took a free-lined chunk of tuna cast into its path about two metres from the beach. It was taken on light tackle and provided a spectacular acrobatic fight.
Specie: striped bass
Location: Plum Gut, Long Island, New York

This 21lb 8oz striped bass was caught out of Plum Gut, Long Island, New York. A truly scary place to fish in a small boat. It took a drifted live eel and provided one of the most persistent, dogged fights I've yet encountered. I would like to thank my good friends Scott and Kelly for providing me with the opportunity to catch such a creature and for scaring the s*** out of me on a regular basis.
Specie: freshwater bass
Location: Larnaca, Cyprus

This freshwater bass was taken from a small reservoir in Larnaca, Cyprus on ultra-light spinning tackle. It gave a good fight for its size, but I must admit ended up on the barbecue later that afternoon.

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