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Trophy Room for Stuart Turner

Weight: 23 pounds
Location: Surrey sandpit

23 pounds exactly, my first twenty, and the first twenty to come out of the venue (Surrey sandpit). She took a drifted sprat, got weeded at 50 yards and I needed the assistance of a passing boat to get her out.
Weight: 28 lbs 12 oz
Location: Surrey sandpit

28 lbs 12 oz, my current personal best, and the second twenty to come out of the venue! She took a small trout deadbait fished sink and draw.
Weight: 20 lbs 14oz
Location: Thorpe Park

20 lbs 14oz, from Thorpe Park on the '96 Internet Angling Club Fish-In. Took a popped up sardine and was carrying someone elses deep hooked trace which was removed.

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