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Antigua Report Phil Houghton

Saltwater Fly Fishing

Battling Bronzies in Namibia Peter Holdsworth

Bronze sharks from the beach on the Skeleton Coast.

Dorado Days Peter Holdsworth

Kenya fishing

Eagle Fishing Safaris Andy Shattock

South African carp!

North Carolina Trout and Bass Fishing Martin James

A slight dimple appeared on the calm surface of Lake Tahoma. With one false cast, the beaded pheasant tail nymph dropped with a slight plop. I made two one inch pulls then felt a good fish eat the nymph. My answering strip strike connected with a nice brown trout. Success at last I thought, as the fish bored powerfully away taking a few feet of line.

Fancy a marlin trip of a lifetime? Roddy Hays
Jobworth 'scientists' endanger Black Marlin fishery Guest Contributor

When will they ever learn?

Blind as a bat in Green Turtle Cay Jason Inskip

See you Jimmy..

Florida Space Coast Report Rodney Smith

Just to whet your appetite

An American Adventure Part 2 Martin James

Off now to North America for some saltwater flyfishing

Return to Lake Alice Peter Holdsworth

The air grows thin where the trout grow fat

An American Adventure Part 1 Martin James

Martin checks out the fishing and the Thomas & Thomas co in Massachusetts.

A few days in paradise – Bonefish! Part 2 Martin James

Bahama bones… Eat your heart out!

A few days in paradise - Bonefish! Part 1 Martin James

Martin hits the Bahamas for Bonefish!

Kiwayu - Part Two Peter Holdsworth

More saltwater flyfishing in Africa, with tips on tackle and techniques

Fancy a Mexican marlin trip? Geoff Maynard

Limited places available - hurry hurry hurry

Fishing among freedom fighters Kevin Ashness

In search of previously uncaught mahseer in Nepal. High adventure fishing on the roof of the world.

Koli-Koli in Kiwayu, Part One Peter Holdsworth

Saltwater fly-fishing for African GTs

Massacre in Malindi Peter Holdsworth

Big game and saltwater flyfishing in Kenya!

The Ultimate fishing Adventure! Jon Greenwood

Join Steve Crowther and Ultimate Angling for the Salmon and Trout experience of a lifetime!

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