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Articles relating to Brown trout

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Anglian Waters Report and 2002 statistics Guest Contributor

The Trout Fishers Handbook - A book review Geoff Maynard

The Trout Fishers Handbook published by Swan Hill Press is a perfect Christmas gift

Anglian Waters report: Guest Contributor

Anglian Waters report:

Visit Alberta for some wonderful Fly Fishing and Adventures Martin James

Gag on this venue...

Bristol Reservoirs back on Top Form. Martin Cottis

More from the competition scene

The Final Day on Carra. Martin Cottis

Martin continues his Irish tale

A Short Break in Ireland. Pt 2 Martin Cottis

Part two

A Trip to Ireland. Martin Cottis

Martin returns to the Emerald Isle

The Cortland 555. Martin Cottis

Martin reviews the new triple5 line from Cortland

Anglian Water Reports Guest Contributor

The latest news from the region

Blagdon Comp on Chew. Martin Cottis

For speed fishing on Chew, when it is right, you cannot beat the dries.

TROUTWEEK: Helping the Young. Martin Cottis

Martin goes back to teaching again

TROUTWEEK: Top Sport at The Barrows Martin Cottis

Just a few miles from the city centre..

Be prepared for change Martin James

Martin learns a lesson

TROUTWEEK: Are they Up or are they Down? Martin Cottis

The fish are like yo-yos at the moment

It's been a great few days! Martin James

Martin's luck has changed for the better

Death on the River Georgina Lomasney

Pollution hits top Danish river

TROUTWEEK: North-east wind puts fish off the feed. Martin Cottis

The stronger that wind, the harder it is..

Flyfishing on the Lancs rivers. Martin James

The trout fishing improves with extra water in the river

TROUTWEEK: Competitions Get Underway at Chew Valley Martin Cottis

The last week of April saw the start in earnest of competition fishing for this part of the country.

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