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Articles relating to Bass

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Popping the Darkness? Russ Symons

Russ goes treading the sands at pre-light with a lure rod.

SEAWEEK: Spinning Rig - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

How to add distance to your lure casting

British Adventures John Bailey

John Bailey explains how you don't have to journey to the ends of the earth to find prime fishing locations. Britain has plenty to offer.

SEAWEEK: A Simple Bass Rig Russ Symons

How to put together a simple boatfishing rig which is proven to take bass

SEAWEEK: Rockhoppers Russ Symons

Time to change baits.

Plymouth back on the map Henry Gilbey

One of the top spots in the west of the country

Fly Fishing with Martin James Martin James

A mixed bag

Join the Twitchers Russ Symons

Shoot bass with a bullet!

SEAWEEK: Trolling? - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

It works

Walking on Water Matthew Spence

Bass aluring.

SEAWEEK: Plugging for beginners - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

Great fun and a good way to catch fish!

Fly Fishing With Martin James Martin James

Florida and Fylde

SEAWEEK: Boomer bass - RUSS SYMONS Russell Symons

How to catch 'em

SEAWEEK: Plugging away - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

"When" is as important as 'where'.

SEAWEEK: Sea Floats - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

Floatfishing is returning

SEAWEEK: Plug Trebles - RUSS SYMONS Russell Symons

Caring for lures

SEAWEEK: Shadow Dancing - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

Don't forget the surface layers!

SEAWEEK: Taking a Spin - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

Old methods are coming back into fashion.

Fly Fishing with Martin James Martin James

Fly fishing in saltwater is certainly starting to grow in popularity!

SEAWEEK: Autumn Spin - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

As Autumn shades begin to colour leaves on the trees many anglers put their spinning gear away for the year in favour of their beach rods and heavy leads.

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