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Articles relating to Bream

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SEAWEEK: BrightLine - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

Brightly coloured line is worth looking at

Plymouth – back on the map Henry Gilbey

One of the top spots in the west of the country

A Big Bream from a Little River - MARTIN JAMES Martin James

The tiny river Bain can throw up monsters sometimes - Martin managed one recently

Coarse Fishery Review Lakeside Caravan Park and Coarse Fishery, Bill Rushmer

Another venue for the caravan owner

Shore Black Bream Mike Thrussel

How to catch them from the shore

Alderney and Jersey – an angler’s paradise Henry Gilbey

Sea fishing heaven

Bream along with me! Russ Symons

Black bream - how to catch 'em

Doing it Right Bill Rushmer

How to do it - fishing coloured corn.

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