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Articles relating to mullet

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Sandy Balls : Holiday and fishery review Bill Rushmer

Bill checks out the new angling holiday resort destined to turn a few heads.

How to make and fish the swan necked balsa Bill Rushmer

This float is Bill's first choice on many rivers. Here's why.

A Mini Revival! Mike Thrussel

Mike goes after the minis and discovers he's hooked

Mullet break at Bude Bill Rushmer

Have a day by the sea for a grey ghost

SEAWEEK: Shadow Dancing - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

Don't forget the surface layers!

Coarse Fishery Review - River Frome at Wareham Bill Rushmer

The Tidal stretch

Game Fishing? No, Fly fishing! Martin James

Fly fishing is for more than just salmon and trout

Alderney and Jersey – an angler’s paradise Henry Gilbey

Sea fishing heaven

You can catch mullet if you use your head! Henry Gilbey

They are not so hard

Grey Mullet: A coarse anglers guide Bill Rushmer

Although technically a sea species, many coarse anglers fish for them. So what is the attraction of this sea fish?

Alderney Rob Stubbs

Rob Stubbs explores the sea anglers star UK venue

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