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Articles relating to Grayling

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Happy New Year to you all! Martin James

Happy New Year to you all!

Freezing Day Hot Lady John Olliff-Cooper

The title gives it away. Everyone knows that the Grayling is called The Lady Of the Stream.

Winter Diary Alan Tomkins

Better late than never!

Lapland Fishing Festival and Lapland World Cup Fishing Martin James

Fish with the stars in Lapland

The Grayling Club Geoff Maynard

Grayling and angling clubs - then and now

Grayling on the feeder - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Dr Paul explains why trotting for grayling (my favourite method) is not necessarily the best way of fishing for them. Damn him!

Chris's Angling Year: The Mother of Angling (or Izaak Walton was a Plagiarist?) Chris Plumb

Chris dives into the history of angling and discovers that the old angling writers were not so different from today's breed!

Fly fishing with Martin James Martin James

This month Martin covers a diverse array of topics from how to flyfish for still water rainbows to book reviews and lots more. Read on.

How to make and fish the swan necked balsa Bill Rushmer

This float is Bill's first choice on many rivers. Here's why.

Psst. Im Gonna Tell You A Secret John Olliff-Cooper

There's a very special centre-pin reel just coming out. JOC lets us in on why it is so special

Aggressive wading in Sweden Clive Gammon

Clive remembers a fly-fishing trip to Sweden for grayling

Swedish Lapland - It's Great Fly Fishing! Martin James

Martin James goes globe trotting again, with a fly-rod of course!

Centrepin Fishing Part 1 - JOHN YOUNG John Young

Centrepin uses

Border Grayling, or life before F and M Richard Bartlett

Richard heads for the ladies

Grayling and the Czech Nymph Richard Bartlett

How to fish them

A week in the life of a pike angler - NEIL DEPLEDGE Neil Depledge

Neil has a busy week

Kennet Diary - February Grayling Days (or The Day I became a Tackle Tart!) Chris Plumb

Chasing the Ladies

Fly Fishing With Martin James Martin James

It's nice to know we have many American anglers clicking on to, Europe's number one Internet site for angling.

Mongolia John Bailey

"the best wild fishing there is anywhere in the world"

Winter Diary Alan Tomkins

February : roach and grayling

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