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Articles relating to Mahseer

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Fishing among freedom fighters Kevin Ashness

In search of previously uncaught mahseer in Nepal. High adventure fishing on the roof of the world.

Massacre in Malindi Peter Holdsworth

Big game and saltwater flyfishing in Kenya!

The not-so-perfect-start to a Nepalese angling adventure Kevin Ashness

Fancy fishing the Himalayas?

Mahseer of Southern India John Bailey

The Cauvery giants - how to catch them

Mahseer Fishing in the Himalayas John Bailey

The Golden monsters of India's North

Southern Mahseer Marisa Ippolito

Marrissa tackles the ultimate carp anglers quarry - the Indian mahseer.

STORYTIME: The Asian Mind Geoff Maynard

Indian mahseer. Gold surrounded by poverty

Mahseer Memsahib’ Marisa Ippoloto

And so.. to India!

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