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Articles relating to Atlantic salmon

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Wild Atlantic Salmon - decline can be arrested Guest Contributor

"The catch of Irish Salmon is on a fast downward spiral. The total catch has fallen from an annual 1600 tonnes in the seventies, through 1152 tonnes in the eighties, to 630 tonnes in the nineties and lower still today. This trend will lead to the extinction of Irish Wild Salmon by the end of this present decade."

Salmon fishing on the Orkla River, Norway With Scierra week 2. Georgina Lomasney


Salmon fishing with Scierra on the Orkla River, Norway Georgina Lomasney

Georgina tells the tale

Reduced Atlantic salmon quotas agreed Guest Contributor

I wonder if it will make any difference?

Predator & Game Fishing in Sweden, June 2002 Jon Greenwood

One chance left…

Death on the River Georgina Lomasney

Pollution hits top Danish river

Sweden's Fantastic River Moerrum Georgina Lomasney

By Ryan Air it costs just a few pounds to get to one of the world's top salmon and seatrout venues.

The Ultimate fishing Adventure! Jon Greenwood

Join Steve Crowther and Ultimate Angling for the Salmon and Trout experience of a lifetime!

A Fundamental Change For Fly Rodders John Olliff-Cooper

The man is loopy. Or speaks a lot of common sense. Make your own mind up after reading John Olliff-Cooper's latest theories on double-handed fly-rods.

To catch a Sturgeon pt3 - and the occasional salmon Geoff Maynard

The final chapter of the 2001 sturgeon trip.

Alaska - 2001 part 3 Alan Tomkins

Alan's party get ready to leave and are confronted with a bear!

Top Ten Accessories Lesley Crawford

Sensible Christmas present ideas

The Contemplative Man's Recreation Clive Gammon

Clive Gammon contemplates getting nicked...again!

The Ultimate Throw-Away Line John Olliff-Cooper

Don't discard this... JOC looks at silken threads

Alaska 2001 – Part 2 Alan Tomkins

Alaskan fish-soup has a fly in it!

Alaska - 2001 - Part 1 Alan Tomkins

Alan Tomkins braves the airways in search of an American silver salmon on the fly

Days and Nights of Salmon & Sea trout - 5 Alan Tomkins

Return to Scotland.

Days and nights of Salmon & Seatrout - pt 4 Alan Tomkins

Eire memoirs

A tale of two salmon Clive Gammon

Clive hops over to Eire

Days and Nights of Salmon & Sea trout - 3 Alan Tomkins

Ireland in '78

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