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Articles relating to Barbel

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A Winter Barbel Fishing Trip Martin James

Retire to the riverbank

Barbel Society Conference 2002 Martin James

Martin James reports

Choosing a Split-Cane Barbel Rod John Olliff-Cooper

JOC considers the traditional tools for the job.

Spring barbel - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

End of season can bring the big barbel out.

Tackle Review - The Brotel Keith Reeder

So, what's a "Brotel" then?

Chris's Angling Year: The Mother of Angling (or Izaak Walton was a Plagiarist?) Chris Plumb

Chris dives into the history of angling and discovers that the old angling writers were not so different from today's breed!

Sandy Balls : Holiday and fishery review Bill Rushmer

Bill checks out the new angling holiday resort destined to turn a few heads.

In the balance pt 2 - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

The second part of the Doc's leger lecture

In the balance pt 1 Dr Paul Garner

Ledgering in rivers is a matter of balance

How to make and fish the swan necked balsa Bill Rushmer

This float is Bill's first choice on many rivers. Here's why.

Psst. Iím Gonna Tell You A Secret John Olliff-Cooper

There's a very special centre-pin reel just coming out. JOC lets us in on why it is so special

The big chill - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Weather tips from the Doc

Chris's Angling Year - Nothing New? Chris Plumb

Chris gets a little 'Filosofical' about his latest captures

The mystic art of barbel baiting Dr Paul Garner

Groundbaiting techniques for barbus..

Late summer barbel Dave Steuart

Bent fish and wonky hooks - Dave's suffered the lot lately

Winter barbelling starts now! DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Know that river before the floods come

Barbel Abroad John Bailey


Weekly Diary - DAVE HARRELL Dave Harrell

Meatballs do the trick!

Maynard Barbels on Geoff Maynard

First barbel session of the season

Chris's Angling Year - Flavour of the Month Chris Plumb


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