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Services - Europes largest Internet angling magazine

The thousands of anglers who visit come looking for
information and entertainment from our experienced writers. New content is added daily to keep the information on the site current and ensure there is always something new for returning visitors. A rich mixture of comment,
information, instruction, humour, reviews and news covering every aspect of freshwater, saltwater and game fishing means there is always something of interest to every angler.

Advertising & Sponsorship
The Directory have developed a unique platform for putting suppliers of products and services in touch with the right customers. Angling is a rich and varied sport reflected in the scope and variety of our editorial. It is also very segmented. A sea fisherman is looking for different content from a carp angler - the fly fisherman for something different again.
We have developed the technology to implement direct sponsorship of individual pieces of editorial. This means that an advertiser can ensure their details are delivered to the right visitors. We take the view that advertising is content too. If a visitor is a carp angler - he will be looking for carp fishing articles and will be interested in products and services related to carp fishing. Our sponsorship system makes sure visitors get to see the advertising that matches their areas of interest.

From the large manufacturer to the small local fishery - we can configure a sponsorship package to suit.


Always available from the side bar on the right of every page is a comprehensive directory of the main businesses supplying products and services to anglers in the UK.

This information is constantly being expanded and updated to give rich details about individual companies.

Fisheries, Tackle shops and Charter boats are already live with new sections to be added later in the year.


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