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Articles relating to Summer

Back from my hols… Rod Henton

Trying old baits

Back to basics… Rod Henton

The Champ at Champs Farm

Salmon fishing on the Orkla River, Norway With Scierra week 2. Georgina Lomasney


Ready for the new coarse fishing season? Martin James

Only a few days to go

Lapland Fishing Festival and Lapland World Cup Fishing Martin James

Fish with the stars in Lapland

Fishing French Lakes Pt3 Ken Townley

Ken's French carp water series continues with sounders, watercraft, baiting and weather advice

British Adventures John Bailey

John Bailey explains how you don't have to journey to the ends of the earth to find prime fishing locations. Britain has plenty to offer.

Alberta - Wonderful Fly Fishing and Adventures Martin James

Martin invades Canada!

Sight Fishing for Pike Chris Gardner

Chris tries a different approach from the norm for the toothy gnashers.

Alaska - 2001 part 3 Alan Tomkins

Alan's party get ready to leave and are confronted with a bear!

Chub on the Bounce Eric Edwards

Eric tells how to fish an upstream leger in a rather different manner to usual

Holiday Review - Warren Park Farm, Alderholt Bill Rushmer

On the edge of the New Forest Bill finds a little gem

Bending not breaking Rod Henton

Bad boy Rod gives a few more underhanded tips on how to catch carp, despite the rule book!

Fishing French Lakes Pt2 Ken Townley

How to find a good lake in France.

To catch a Sturgeon Pt 2 - Hunting dinosaurs Geoff Maynard

The second part of the trilogy

Sweden Pt 2 - Arctic char and jam. Clive Gammon

Clive aims for a char and comes to a sticky end

Another week in search of French Pussy Harold Taverner.

Harold has a birthday party on a french lake. The guests include pussy galore

Fishing French Lakes Ken Townley

French carp lakes come in various guises..

Trout Fishery Review - Barton Court Bill Rushmer

A very nice water this, and quite close to London

Carp Diary 29/10/01 - JOHN YOUNG John Young

John's still flying after that 28!

TROUTWEEK : Autumn Days Martin Cottis

Localised fish are making the fishing interesting..

Late summer barbel Dave Steuart

Bent fish and wonky hooks - Dave's suffered the lot lately

Carp Fishing in France Pt4 Ken Townley

Continuing Ken's fascinating series detailing the often overlooked but essential things. Have you got breakdown cover?

Carp Diary 13/08/01 – JOHN YOUNG John Young

Did I say it was hot last week? Forget it!

Carp on the wag! - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Carp on the top

Carp Diary 6/08/01 – JOHN YOUNG John Young

The weather and the fishing is HOT!

Carp Diary 23/07/01 – JOHN YOUNG John Young

Rain again :(

Weekly Diary 16/07/01 - DAVE HARRELL Dave Harrell

Three bad draws in a row have hit hard

The Lasher - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Kids stuff? No way!

Carp Diary 9/07/01 – JOHN YOUNG John Young

It's hot on the estate lake

Carp fishing in France: Part 3 Ken Townley

How to get there

Carp Diary 25/6/01 – JOHN YOUNG John Young

A day at Tanyards

The Merry Month of May pt II - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Warmer water and different presentation brings results

Weekly Diary - 11/6/01 DAVE HARRELL Dave Harrell

Waiting for the river season

Carp Diary 11/6/01 – JOHN YOUNG John Young

June and Summer weather raises expectations

River bait cycles - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Sometimes it's worth waiting a few weeks

To Pop or Not? DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Suspended baits expolored

Early Barbel Dave Steuart

Early season fish..

Carp fishing in France Part 2 Ken Townley

How much bait to take? And what about particles?? And...???

Carp Diary 28/5/01 - JOHN YOUNG John Young

Summer at last?

Carp Fishing in France Ken Townley

Ken Townley probably knows more about carp fishing in France than anyone else I know. This is the first in a series of articles designed with the travelling carp angler in mind.

Bream fishing is go! DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Big bream...

To the woods, touchdown in Sweden John Olliff-Cooper

As a confirmed and inveterate travelling angler, I have no idea why I hadn’t thought about Scandinavia before. I’ve fished Canada, America, South America, Africa, and even Australia, but never before set a fishing foot in Scandinavia – strange.

Height of Summer Carp Fishing John Young

Catching them when it's hot

Carp Diary John Young

Hot weather

You’re Just a Crowd of Big Kids John Olliff-Cooper

Boys will be boys

Margin Fishing for Carp Ian Heaps

Former world champ Ian Heaps tells how to do it

Float Fishing for Tench: A Modern Approach Pt2 Tony Willis

Part two - the actual fishing

Float-fishing for Tench: A Modern Approach (Pt1) Tony Willis

New methods of float fishng for tinca

Off the Top Dr Paul Garner

How to catch on surface baits

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