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Articles relating to Spring

EA Close Season report Guest Contributor

Keeping the coarse fish close season on rivers?

Be prepared for change Martin James

Martin learns a lesson

Sunny afternoons and patrolling carp Dr Paul Garner

How to stalk them in the margins.

TROUTWEEK: Are they Up or are they Down? Martin Cottis

The fish are like yo-yos at the moment

It's been a great few days! Martin James

Martin's luck has changed for the better

Seasons Change Geoff Maynard

I must get out more!

Carp Diary 13/05/02 John Young

Yearning for some warm weather..

TROUTWEEK: North-east wind puts fish off the feed. Martin Cottis

The stronger that wind, the harder it is..

Carp Diary 06/05/02 John Young

Spring - so John looks for some pussy

Popping the Darkness? Russ Symons

Russ goes treading the sands at pre-light with a lure rod.

March Started On A High Note - MARTIN JAMES Martin James

The score of big chub keeps rising

Carp Diary 11/03/02 JOHN YOUNG John Young

John finds some big carp willing to feed as the winter makes an exit

Spring barbel - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

End of season can bring the big barbel out.

Fishing French Lakes Pt3 Ken Townley

Ken's French carp water series continues with sounders, watercraft, baiting and weather advice

Pastures New. Part Two. Chris Gardner

Think back to the heady days of summer. Chris continues in his quest for monster carp.

How to fish the waggler Bill Rushmer

Bill tells all the tricks...

Alaska - 2001 part 3 Alan Tomkins

Alan's party get ready to leave and are confronted with a bear!

Pastures New Pt 1. Chris Gardner

Chris finds a new water with the potential to produce huge fish

Chub on the Bounce Eric Edwards

Eric tells how to fish an upstream leger in a rather different manner to usual

Holiday Review - Warren Park Farm, Alderholt Bill Rushmer

On the edge of the New Forest Bill finds a little gem

Bending not breaking Rod Henton

Bad boy Rod gives a few more underhanded tips on how to catch carp, despite the rule book!

Fishing French Lakes Pt2 Ken Townley

How to find a good lake in France.

To catch a Sturgeon Pt 2 - Hunting dinosaurs Geoff Maynard

The second part of the trilogy

Fishing French Lakes Ken Townley

French carp lakes come in various guises..

Trout Fishery Review - Barton Court Bill Rushmer

A very nice water this, and quite close to London

TROUTWEEK: Great Days on Blagdon Lake Martin Cottis

The end of the season saw some great days..

Carp Fishing in France Pt4 Ken Townley

Continuing Ken's fascinating series detailing the often overlooked but essential things. Have you got breakdown cover?

Unravelling the mysteries of carp deaths Paul Garner

The Doc gets out the Gladstone bag

Carp fishing in France: Part 3 Ken Townley

How to get there

The Merry Month of May pt II - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Warmer water and different presentation brings results

The Merry Month of May - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Dr Paul looks back on May

Carp fishing in France Part 2 Ken Townley

How much bait to take? And what about particles?? And...???

Carp Diary 28/5/01 - JOHN YOUNG John Young

Summer at last?

Weekly Diary - DAVE HARRELL Dave Harrell

Dave's mixing his sports!

Carp Diary 21/5/01 JOHN YOUNG John Young

The lily pads return - things are looking up

Close Season Tasks: Feature Finding - JOHN YOUNG John Young

How to locate features to fish to

Carp Diary 14/5/01 JOHN YOUNG John Young

Big tench and bream - but where are the carp?

Weekly Diary 7/5/01 - DAVE HARRELL Dave Harrell

Some good venues this week

Carp Diary 7/5/01 - JOHN YOUNG John Young

The fish are still in winter-mode

Close Season Tasks: Locating New Waters - JOHN YOUNG John Young

How to pick a venue

Carp Fishing in France Ken Townley

Ken Townley probably knows more about carp fishing in France than anyone else I know. This is the first in a series of articles designed with the travelling carp angler in mind.

Carp Diary 30/4/01 JOHN YOUNG John Young

John finds out more about his new water

Carp Diary 23/04/01 JOHN YOUNG John Young

Getting through the tench

Carp Diary 16/04/01 JOHN YOUNG John Young

Rain, mud - but at least John can fish..

The Close Season Rules, OK? - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Spawning times.

Carp Diary 9/04/01 JOHN YOUNG John Young

The new water...

Bream fishing is go! DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Big bream...

Carp Diary 2/4/01 JOHN YOUNG John Young

Reduced choices...

Carp Diary 26/03/01 JOHN YOUNG John Young

The last session on the pit.

Tench Tales Pt 4 John Young

The Ferris tench

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