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Articles relating to Political

EA Close Season report Guest Contributor

Keeping the coarse fish close season on rivers?

The wrong signals! Guest Contributor


Value For Money Martin James

EA - is it any good?

Back on the soapbox! Rod Henton

Foxes and Fun

Transatlantic Tie-Up - Anglers cross the pond Guest Contributor

A Press Release from the European Anglers Alliance and Recreational Fishing Alliance of the USA

Jobworth 'scientists' endanger Black Marlin fishery Guest Contributor

When will they ever learn?

Nearly There - and some disgraceful elitist rantings John Olliff-Cooper

‘Sir’ John raises some hackles and risks a punch in der maurf from the aliens who surround him.

License dodgers reeling! Guest Contributor

EA have been out in force

Death on the River Georgina Lomasney

Pollution hits top Danish river

Cormorants; The Other Facts Geoff Maynard

Rant time!

Fly Fishing with Martin James Martin James

A mixed bag

PETA: The New Nazis? Geoff Maynard

Get heavy.

Gammon on PETA Clive Gammon

Clive has met the boss of the antis.

Red herrings and Dead herrings. Geoff Maynard

Democracy? Huh. Don't make me laugh.

The PETA threat to angling Matt Taylor

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. A danger?

New custodian for Britain's fisheries? - MATT THOMPSON Geoff Maynard

Is BW going to be the new boss?

Have we got what it takes? Matt Taylor

Matt wonders if we have enough clout to take on the likes of PETA

The Mitten Menace Bill Rushmer

Mitten crabs!

Freedom and the price of Fishing M. A. Roe

Peta again!

SEAWEEK: Comment on the 'C' word - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

Oh no.. not "conservation"!

Politics or Fishing? Dave Steuart

Dave has a little rant

S&M - Seagulls and Mushrooms Geoff Maynard


The Changing Face of Pike Fishing Eric Edwards

The new venues for the whoppers

Weekly Diary 26/03/01 - DAVE HARRELL Dave Harrell

Soapbox time!

The Antis. Let's Go On The Offensive Martin James

Don't wait for your fishing to be taken away - fight for it!

Salmon Chit Chat Dave Steuart

The true price of salmon

UK Coarse Fishing. Why is it so bad? Geoff Maynard

A leading question

Clive Gammon - The Nautilus Report. Clive Gammon

"it's just not realistic "

SEAWEEK: A comment on ? - RUSS SYMONS Russell Symons

Oh no not the "C" word!!

SEAWEEK: Things are a’ moving - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

NFSA individual memberships.

Nothing Really Changes Dave Steuart

Thought provoking stuff from DS...

The £20 angling licence . Money well spent? Chris Bishop

What you get for your money

A Flood too Far? - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Wet? Don't knock it!

Consider the Female Angle Kerry Walker

Commercial fishery owners - take notice!

Blithfield Mark Ackerley

Politics and pike fishing

Dear Ray Neville Fickling

Pike politics

Difficult Times Ahead! Neville Fickling

Pike Politics!

Junior Fish-ins Bill Rushmer

They are the future

The Biggest Fish Geoff Maynard

The true monsters of freshwater

Match Scene Dave Harrell

Dvae's working a 5 or 6 day week. Match fishing!

Still Waters Run Deep Guest Contributor

Closed seasons and tench

Tears in my eyes Dave Steuart

Is there no hope left?

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