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Articles relating to Competition

World Junior Carp Tournament Guest Contributor

First-Ever World Junior Carp Tournament is scheduled for August 2003

Marie Curie Cup Report Guest Contributor

A premier predator match raised more than 1000 for cancer charity - despite being called off after just two hours.

Summer fishing in Denmark. Georgina Lomasney

Great fishing in Denmark

Blagdon Comp on Chew. Martin Cottis

For speed fishing on Chew, when it is right, you cannot beat the dries.

Lapland Fishing Festival and Lapland World Cup Fishing Martin James

Fish with the stars in Lapland

TROUTWEEK: Dark Days in Competition Trouting! - MARTIN COTTIS Martin Cottis

Martin is a little disenchanted with the competition scene after the events this year!

Plaice Prospects Russ Symons

The Eagle Claw Dartmouth Plaice Festival

Weekly Diary: Win two grand? - DAVE HARRELL Dave Harrell

That's 2000 to you and me...

Salmon Chit Chat Dave Steuart

The true price of salmon

TROUTWEEK What does 2000 hold for us? Martin Cottis

The new season beckons; a new millennium. What can we as trout anglers expect to find that is any different from the past?

Dave Harrell's Match Spot - October Dave Harrell

John Smiths discussed

Carp Corner Rob Hughes

Rob's been a busy boy!

World Youth Flyfishing Competition Winners! Geoff Maynard

Team report

The Trout Competition Scene Martin Cottis

Fancy a trout match?

Carp Corner Rob Hughes

Get up to speed with what's going on in Rob's carp corner

Getting Started in Match Fishing Bradley Bone

All you need to get started in the sea match scene

Carp Corner Rob Hughes

Rob Hughs talks 'carpspeak'!

Top Ten Accessories Bradley Bone

The top 10 beach-casting toys and tools

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