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Articles relating to Pleasure

best wireless Bluetooth earbuds Rod Henton

best wireless Bluetooth earbuds

New venue, new opportunities… Rod Henton

Rod hits Mid-Kent fisheries new venue

Ebro Valley Angling, Guest Contributor

Knowledgeable, Professional Guided Fishing on Europeís Premier Coarse River.

Martin James Diary Martin James


The Christmas Ghost story.. Rod Henton

Keeping the tradition alive..

A Winter Barbel Fishing Trip Martin James

Retire to the riverbank

Ready for the new coarse fishing season? Martin James

Only a few days to go

A few days in paradise – Bonefish! Part 2 Martin James

Bahama bones… Eat your heart out!

Seasons Change Geoff Maynard

I must get out more!

A few days in paradise - Bonefish! Part 1 Martin James

Martin hits the Bahamas for Bonefish!

Kiwayu - Part Two Peter Holdsworth

More saltwater flyfishing in Africa, with tips on tackle and techniques

Florida Fishing Adventures - Holiday review Geoff Maynard

A different kind of fishing lodge..

Talking about my tackle Rod Henton

Disgruntled with the stories the magazines are pumping out, Rod tells how he sees things.

Minstrel’s Summer Jason Inskip

Jason looks at baits - naturally

Carp Diary 20/4/02 John Young

John visits a couple of commercial fisheries and bags up.

Action stations! Dr Paul Garner

Sharpen up the float skills with Dr Paul's diagnosis

Merrygold Crucians Jason Inskip

Jason gets excited about some of these chubby little blighters!

Chris's Angling Year - Winter Travels Chris Plumb

When it all slots neatly together...

Freezing Day – Hot Lady John Olliff-Cooper

The title gives it away. Everyone knows that the Grayling is called The Lady Of the Stream.

Fighting Goliath Peter Holdsworth

Enter the warzone for Goliath Tiger Fish!

Ten Minutes Of Sheer Bliss - MARTIN JAMES Martin James

Martins winter chub diary continues

Two Days Of Happiness Martin James

Peterborough is long way from Martin's home Lancashire waters, but he still manages to pull a rabbit out of the hat

Backwater bonanza - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Fish those overgrown backwaters to get your best chance of some serious winter sport.

Backwater bonanza - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Fish those overgrown backwaters to get your best chance of some serious winter sport.

Grayling on the feeder - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Dr Paul explains why trotting for grayling (my favourite method) is not necessarily the best way of fishing for them. Damn him!

British Adventures John Bailey

John Bailey explains how you don't have to journey to the ends of the earth to find prime fishing locations. Britain has plenty to offer.

Travelling Rods: A crazy mixed-up end to the year David Hall

Val and David Hall spend their retirement visiting the top angling spots around the world. This month they recount their recent visits to Denmark, Spain and MEXICO!

How to fish the waggler Bill Rushmer

Bill tells all the tricks...

The Contemplative Man's Recreation Clive Gammon

Clive Gammon contemplates getting nicked...again!

The dos and don'ts of the big fishing trip John Bailey

How to prepare for that big trip

Coarse fishery Review: Willitoft Fish Farm, E. Yorks. Bill Rushmer

Bill checks out the hospitality of Yorkshire

How to make Angel paste Bill Rushmer

Here's a simple and effective bait from one of the countries top coarse anglers

Fishing Mates Dave Steuart

There are many creatures within the animal kingdom that are socially involved with each other and man has invented many names to describe them.

Maynard Barbels on Geoff Maynard

First barbel session of the season

Rod's reality carping: Rod's definitive guide to fill sacks. Rod Henton

Rod talks sense. Well, it had to happen one day!

Sensitive Set-Ups - JOHN YOUNG John Young

Presentation counts!

Top Dogs and Other Hounds Geoff Maynard

The Top Cat is more than just a catamaran

River bait cycles - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Sometimes it's worth waiting a few weeks

Carp Diary 4/6/01 – JOHN YOUNG John Young

Traditional carp and tench weather at last

Red eyed monsters - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Big Tench. How to find them

In the zone - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Zen and the art of angling

Weekly Diary: Win two grand? - DAVE HARRELL Dave Harrell

That's £2000 to you and me...

Tench Tales – Pt 3 John Young

Irish tench

Tench Tales, Pt1 - JOHN YOUNG John Young

Tinca tinca - the doctor fish.

Carp-Dreams Come True: The St Lawrence Experience - MARTIN JAMES Martin James

Martin finds more than just mega carping in Canada

Close to the edge - DR PAUL GARNER Dr Paul Garner

Watch Dr Paul convert those twitch bites

American Adventures - Pt2: Under the bridge Geoff Maynard

More fun in upstate New York

Chris's Kennet Diary - Christmas Past, Christmas Present Chris Plumb


An A.B.C. year Bill Rushmer

Bill reviews his year. It's been Anything But Carp!

Travelling Rods - Gard, France David Hall

Dave and Val journey to the south of France

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