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Articles relating to Big Game

Fancy a marlin trip of a lifetime? Roddy Hays
Jobworth 'scientists' endanger Black Marlin fishery Guest Contributor

When will they ever learn?

Kiwayu - Part Two Peter Holdsworth

More saltwater flyfishing in Africa, with tips on tackle and techniques

Fancy a Mexican marlin trip? Geoff Maynard

Limited places available - hurry hurry hurry

BBC Radio 5's Fish on Five hits Gibraltar Guest Contributor

Press Release

Food that fought Roddy Hays

Roddy Hays explores a rarely mentioned subject. How to clean, prepare and cook your catch.

To catch a Sturgeon pt3 - and the occasional salmon Geoff Maynard

The final chapter of the 2001 sturgeon trip.

Armchair Fishing Dave Steuart

TV sets and Tarpon memories. Dave looks on - and back.

At last, a Hammerhead! Dave Steuart

Dave looks back on sharking through the last half century and comes to some decisions

Global Warming - what will we catch next year ? Roddy Hays

Roddy ponders over the exotic species turning up in UK waters these days

SEAWEEK: Sounding out Russ Symons

Sounder advice!

Fishing Frontiers Part 2Ö. Russ Symons

Russ chases sailfish and trevally off the southern tip of Africa

To catch a sturgeon Geoff Maynard

The ultimate freshwater angling experience...

Sharks... I like 'em! Dave Steuart

Tropical makos or Cornish blues, Dave likes the lot

Fishing Frontiers. Russ Symons

Russ goes to the land of sun and sailfish.. Madagascar!

Ireland, bluefins and thoughts on kites Roddy Hays

Roddy searches for Irish bluefin with some interesting techniques

SEAWEEK: Harness up!! Russ Symons

Make playing heavier fish easier

MADEIRA '92 - More from the captain's log and a $60 swordfish Roddy Hays

Amazing memoirs

La Gomera Diary, July 2001, (plus some thoughts) Roddy Hays

Marlin trolling in the Canary Islands

La Gomera Diary, 3 days in June 2001 Roddy Hays

Canary island marlin fishing

Broadbill Clive Gammon


SEAWEEK: Catching the Other Rays - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

Protect yourself from the sun

Mexicoís Magic Marlin Mike Thrussel

Marlin fishing the inexpensive way

La Gomera Diary, May 2001 Roddy Hays

Canary Island marlin fishing

Major Baits Henry Gilbey

Henry looks at what goes on the ook

SEAWEEK: Shark leader Slice - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

When only wire will do

MADEIRA '92 - More excerpts from a captain's log Roddy Hays

Memories of good days past

Seychelles Two - The Deep Blue John Olliff-Cooper

Last month, I waxed lyrical about the amazing bone-fishing of the Seychelles. Itís quite new, the bone-fishing. The fish have always been there of course, but itís only recently that anglers have discovered the potential of these gleaming coral atolls of the Indian Ocean, with their creamy powder-puff lagoons, filled with Bombay Sapphire gin

The Antis. Let's Go On The Offensive Martin James

Don't wait for your fishing to be taken away - fight for it!

MADEIRA 1992 - excerpt from a captainís log Roddy Hays

Stardate 65.666...

Namibia part 2 : Skeleton coast Henry Gilbey

The heart in mouth experience

MADEIRA 1993 Ė excerpts from the days of sharp learning curves Roddy Hays

Boom days from the past

SEAWEEK: Shark Tagging - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

Sue and Jeri Drake run a shark tagging operation.

Knots and Wrinkles Roddy Hays

Roddy passes on some hints and tips

Lessons to be Learned Roddy Hays

From Alderney bass to Tropical marlin - Roddy has picked up a few tips

The Irish Bluefin Tuna Story: pt 2 - CLIVE GAMMON Clive Gammon

More big games off Eire

The Irish Bluefin Tuna Story: pt 1 - Clive Gammon Clive Gammon

Big games off Eire

Last Cast - with the Old Man and the Sei Geoff Maynard

Lost at sea and surrounded by experts...

La Gomera Diary: September 28th, 2000 Roddy Hays

The Andromeda does it's trick again..

SEAWEEK: Fishing the Flapper - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

How to present a flapper bait

LA GOMERA DIARY, (August) Roddy Hays

The Marlin fishers diary

La Gomera Diary Roddy Hays

Marlin in the Canaries

SEAWEEK New Generation Boat Fishing Reels Russell Symons

Russ hits the trade show and discovers a great line in reels

The Eternal Debates Roddy Hays

Hooks? Tag-lines? Lures?

The Porbeagle Shark Ady Brayshaw

How and where to catch them

The Complete Beginners Guide to Marlin-Fishing When on Holiday Abroad! Roddy Hays

It's a big game!

Cornwall, Porbeagles and the odd Great White Henry Gilbey

Jaws off Cornwall

Big Boat Fishing Abroad : location, location, location Roddy Hays

Fishing a la Zane Grey?

Benguerra Magic Charl Hubner

Benguerra island - Mozambique.

SEAWEEK: Plastic Tubing Gaff Guard Russell Symons

How to keep the gaff safe

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