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Articles relating to Sea

Antigua Report Phil Houghton

Saltwater Fly Fishing

Battling Bronzies in Namibia Peter Holdsworth

Bronze sharks from the beach on the Skeleton Coast.

Dorado Days Peter Holdsworth

Kenya fishing

Fancy a marlin trip of a lifetime? Roddy Hays
Transatlantic Tie-Up - Anglers cross the pond Guest Contributor

A Press Release from the European Anglers Alliance and Recreational Fishing Alliance of the USA

Blind as a bat in Green Turtle Cay Jason Inskip

See you Jimmy..

An American Adventure Part 2 Martin James

Off now to North America for some saltwater flyfishing

An American Adventure Part 1 Martin James

Martin checks out the fishing and the Thomas & Thomas co in Massachusetts.

A few days in paradise – Bonefish! Part 2 Martin James

Bahama bones… Eat your heart out!

A few days in paradise - Bonefish! Part 1 Martin James

Martin hits the Bahamas for Bonefish!

Kiwayu - Part Two Peter Holdsworth

More saltwater flyfishing in Africa, with tips on tackle and techniques

Florida Fishing Adventures - Holiday review Geoff Maynard

A different kind of fishing lodge..

Fancy a Mexican marlin trip? Geoff Maynard

Limited places available - hurry hurry hurry

BBC Radio 5's Fish on Five hits Gibraltar Guest Contributor

Press Release

Seatrout fishing on Samsø. Georgina Lomasney

Try something different - How about Danish seatrout?

Koli-Koli in Kiwayu, Part One Peter Holdsworth

Saltwater fly-fishing for African GTs

Popping the Darkness? Russ Symons

Russ goes treading the sands at pre-light with a lure rod.

Massacre in Malindi Peter Holdsworth

Big game and saltwater flyfishing in Kenya!

Cormorants; The Other Facts Geoff Maynard

Rant time!

Rigging for the Deep Blue. Russ Symons

Lighten up!

Davies Angling Sale 2002 at Thorpe Park Bill Rushmer

The Davies Angling Sale 2002 is at Thorpe Park, Surrey, on Sat 2nd March 2002

Review: Two Interesting Books for the fly-fisher Martin James

Martin reviews " Fly Fishing The Saltwater Shoreline " and " Midge Magic "

Saltwater Fly Fishing - The US East Coast Martin James

Martin checks out the flyfishing in the saltwater of the US

The Plaice are with us! Russ Symons

The fish are in early on the Skerries

Yum Yum - recipes ! Roddy Hays

Rod comes down from his tower and enters the kitchen

The Bahamas - Top Bonefishing! Martin James

Martin visits Andross Island -home of the Bonefish

SEAWEEK: Spinning Rig - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

How to add distance to your lure casting

SEAWEEK: Rig for Conger - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

How to make and present a conger eel rig.

Review: Skee-Tex Field Boots Keith Reeder

Keith gives them his best shot.

Food that fought Roddy Hays

Roddy Hays explores a rarely mentioned subject. How to clean, prepare and cook your catch.

SEAWEEK: Watchlead Rig - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

Russ describes a traditional rig for Plaice

Lots Of Sun and Pulled Strings in the Emirates Martin James

Globe trotting fly-fisher Martin James visits the Arabian Gulf and finds a lot to recommend it

The Tropic of Pisces Jason Inskip

Jason considers bonefish, beaches and some, er… primeval concerns in the Seychelles.

British Adventures John Bailey

John Bailey explains how you don't have to journey to the ends of the earth to find prime fishing locations. Britain has plenty to offer.

Big shore conger – the UK’s ultimate challenge? Henry Gilbey

Henry Gilbey looks at where and how to approach the conger eel from the shores.

Floundering About ! Russ Symons

Russ tells the secrets of how to tackle the really big flounder that are just coming into season down his way…

Killing machines Clive Gammon

Sharks. How boring!

Armchair Fishing Dave Steuart

TV sets and Tarpon memories. Dave looks on - and back.

Travelling Rods: A crazy mixed-up end to the year David Hall

Val and David Hall spend their retirement visiting the top angling spots around the world. This month they recount their recent visits to Denmark, Spain and MEXICO!

General Purpose Bottom Bumper - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

Russ describes an excellent basic boat rig for bottom fishing.

SEAWEEK: A Simple Bass Rig Russ Symons

How to put together a simple boatfishing rig which is proven to take bass

SEAWEEK: Bagged up Mackerel feathers Russ Symons

A simple storage idea which makes sense

At last, a Hammerhead! Dave Steuart

Dave looks back on sharking through the last half century and comes to some decisions

SEAWEEK: Pollack Rig - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

A pollack rig and a history lesson

SEAWEEK: Autumn Tactics Russ Symons

Shads and pirk time

SEAWEEK: Superbraid Shockleader Russ Symons

Superbraid shock horror!

SEAWEEK: BrightLine - RUSS SYMONS Russ Symons

Brightly coloured line is worth looking at

Winter on the Wrecks Russ Symons

Be ready to go as soon as a window appears..

Global Warming - what will we catch next year ? Roddy Hays

Roddy ponders over the exotic species turning up in UK waters these days

Christmas Codding Mike Thrussel

Yuletide chances are high;get out and give it a go!

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