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Articles relating to Coarse

best wireless Bluetooth earbuds Rod Henton

best wireless Bluetooth earbuds

Piking progress. Rod Henton

Something seasonal are our fish; April trout, June tench, September carp and now as winter drawers are on, the pike.

The Christmas ghost(carp) story Rod Henton

I read recently that nature is cruel and unjust; I thought I’d put the record straight, nature just exists.

The Acquired Arte of Worme Getteing maurice pledger

Fishing for worms

New venue, new opportunities… Rod Henton

Rod hits Mid-Kent fisheries new venue

Back from my hols… Rod Henton

Trying old baits

Lies, Damn lies and statistics Rod Henton

Stuff and statistics

Back to basics… Rod Henton

The Champ at Champs Farm

Riba Roja Rocking Guest Contributor

New Ebro operation off to a great start

Reed the right line. Rod Henton

Trouble with reeds.

Eagle Fishing Safaris Andy Shattock

South African carp!

Martin James Diary Martin James


Mucho mokita. Rod Henton

Mucho what?.

Happy New Year to you all! Martin James

Happy New Year to you all!

World Junior Carp Tournament Guest Contributor

First-Ever World Junior Carp Tournament is scheduled for August 2003

The Christmas Ghost story.. Rod Henton

Keeping the tradition alive..

The Coarse Angler’s McNab Jason Inskip


Size matters… Rod Henton

How big?

A Winter Barbel Fishing Trip Martin James

Retire to the riverbank

Austin Carp Tournament - Update Guest Contributor

Fish for the huge texas monsters!

Northern Waters report Martin James

Still water fisheries

Anglian Waters report Guest Contributor

Anglian Waters report

Problem solved.... Rod Henton

If it ain't broke..

131lb Catfish - Ian's 1/2 term PB Ian Wakeford

131lb Catfish. B-i-g pussy!

It's Another Week in Paradise Martin James

Old ? Who me?

Anglian Water Reports Guest Contributor
Fishing? Oh, I remember now... Rod Henton

The editor ‘phoned me last night to give his appraisal of my latest literary offerings; that’s the editor. "You remember fishing?" He enquired, his sarcasm barely detectable to the naked ear. His point being that although my recent ramblings were quite entertaining they had very little to do with angling, a small but valid point.

Visit Alberta - Part 2 -Canadian Pike on the fly Martin James

Canadian Pike on the fly

Back on the soapbox! Rod Henton

Foxes and Fun

Transatlantic Tie-Up - Anglers cross the pond Guest Contributor

A Press Release from the European Anglers Alliance and Recreational Fishing Alliance of the USA

The Martin James Report Martin James

From around the country

A Totally Mental Approach Rod Henton

Rod gets reality!

Go Chase The Pike With A Fly. Part 2 Martin James

part 2

Northern river prospects and Anglian Waters report Guest Contributor

all the news..

Go Chase The Pike With A Fly - Part1 Martin James

Martin brings out the big guns

News, reports and what's in the Mail Martin James

Martin has loads to report..

Want To Catch A Big Fish? Martin James

Who don't - but here's a good way of doing it

News and Fishery reports Martin James

News and Fishery reports

Anglian Water Reports Guest Contributor

The latest news from the region

Terry joins the Sporting Champions Guest Contributor

British Disabled Angling Association secretary Terry Moseley is the first and only participant from the sport of angling to be invited through the hallowed portals of Sport England's Sporting Champions initiative.

Nearly There - and some disgraceful elitist rantings John Olliff-Cooper

‘Sir’ John raises some hackles and risks a punch in der maurf from the aliens who surround him.

Ready for the new coarse fishing season? Martin James

Only a few days to go

Sunny afternoons and patrolling carp Dr Paul Garner

How to stalk them in the margins.

Predator & Game Fishing in Sweden, June 2002 Jon Greenwood

One chance left…

Barbel Society Conference 2002 Martin James

Martin James reports

Seasons Change Geoff Maynard

I must get out more!

Death on the River Georgina Lomasney

Pollution hits top Danish river

Anglian Water reports Guest Contributor

13th May

Carp Diary 13/05/02 John Young

Yearning for some warm weather..

Carp Diary 06/05/02 John Young

Spring - so John looks for some pussy

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