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Articles relating to Diary

Martin James Diary Martin James


Happy New Year to you all! Martin James

Happy New Year to you all!

A Winter Barbel Fishing Trip Martin James

Retire to the riverbank

Value For Money Martin James

EA - is it any good?

Fishing Reports Martin James

From around the country..

News and reports from Martin James Martin James

and what's in the Mail..

News and reports: Martin James

From around the country

Prospects and reports Martin James

A quick flash around the country with MJ

Northern fishery reports Martin James
TROUTWEEK: Helping the Young. Martin Cottis

Martin goes back to teaching again

TROUTWEEK: Top Sport at The Barrows Martin Cottis

Just a few miles from the city centre..

Be prepared for change Martin James

Martin learns a lesson

TROUTWEEK: Are they Up or are they Down? Martin Cottis

The fish are like yo-yos at the moment

Carp Diary 13/05/02 John Young

Yearning for some warm weather..

TROUTWEEK: North-east wind puts fish off the feed. Martin Cottis

The stronger that wind, the harder it is..

Carp Diary 06/05/02 John Young

Spring - so John looks for some pussy

A Trip to the River Test. Martin Cottis

Martin tries to tackle the new T3 on the Test.

A few more tough days on the rivers Martin James

More rubbish and a few trout!

Great News from Bristol Waters. Martin Cottis

The trout are feeding in the West Country!

Carp Diary 20/4/02 John Young

John visits a couple of commercial fisheries and bags up.

Cold Spring Weather - No Good For Trouting Martin James

Sometimes, when the fishing's not worth the effort, it's worth clearing away the rubbish from last winters floods.

Winter diary - Feb 2002 Alan Tomkins

Ooops - here's one I prepared earlier!

Winter Diary 2002 - End of Season Alan Tomkins

At last - some roach.

TROUTWEEK: Cracking start on Bristol Waters. Martin Cottis

Chew starts with a bang!

It's Been Hard Work On The River Martin James

Clearing rubbish was the precursor to a few good trout.

Chris's Angling Year - Winter Travels Chris Plumb

When it all slots neatly together...

March Started On A High Note - MARTIN JAMES Martin James

The score of big chub keeps rising

Carp Diary 11/03/02 JOHN YOUNG John Young

John finds some big carp willing to feed as the winter makes an exit

You Never Know What Will Happen - MARTIN JAMES Martin James

The chub hunt continues on the river Bain..

Carpers Diary 04/03/02 JOHN YOUNG John Young

There's still a chance of a 30lb croc, so it's back to the river..

New swims and more learning - MARTIN JAMES Martin James

When chubbing, you are never too old to learn..

Carpers Diary 25/02/02 JOHN YOUNG John Young

With big pike up for grabs, John and Gary head for the river

Carpers Diary 18/02/02 JOHN YOUNG John Young

Looking for a 30lb Thames pike and awaiting a break in the cold snap for a carp trip, John and Gary find a pike hot-spot.

Winter Diary Alan Tomkins

Better late than never!

Carpers Diary 11/02/02 JOHN YOUNG John Young

Back to the Summer venue for the carp and an encounter with a Thames pike

Gale Force Winds Didn't Stop Fishing - MARTIN JAMES Martin James

The chub hunt continues...

Ten Minutes Of Sheer Bliss - MARTIN JAMES Martin James

Martins winter chub diary continues

Carpers Diary 4/02/02 - JOHN YOUNG John Young

John gets into some decent doubles, both carp and pike

TROUTWEEK: Dark Days in Competition Trouting! - MARTIN COTTIS Martin Cottis

Martin is a little disenchanted with the competition scene after the events this year!

Carpers Diary 28/01/02 JOHN YOUNG John Young

John goes carping on the best night of the week and piking on the best day - and gets results!

Carpers Diary 28/01/02 JOHN YOUNG John Young

John goes carping on the best night of the week and piking on the best day - and gets results!

Carpers Diary 21/01/02 - JOHN YOUNG John Young

The ice is gone so John gets back to the carp

Christmas Day Chubbing Martin James

Martin James found a refreshing way to spend the Christmas period - he went chubbing!

Winter Diary - Perch Interlude Alan Tomkins

Alan starts his winter sessions on the Kennet for perch

Carp Diary 31/12/01 JOHN YOUNG John Young

In true Xmas spirit, John pulls a rabbit out of the hat. Or was it a carp?

Carp Diary 24/12/01 - JOHN YOUNG John Young

John tries out new waters - a brave move in these icy conditions!

Carp Diary 17/12/01 - JOHN YOUNG John Young

John looks back to some icy days

Carp Diary 22/10/01 John Young

Big fish are showing on the lake..

Carp Diary 1/10/01 JOHN YOUNG John Young

The weekly diary of one of the countries top carpers

Carp Diary 26/11/01 John Young

Time for a little change - a trip or two pike fishing is in order!

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