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Corsemalzie House Hotel

Corsemalzie House Hotel
Port William
Newton Stewart
Scotland, DG89RL

Tel: 01988 860254
Fax: 01988 860213


The hotel has exclusive salmon and trout fishing rights on four and a half miles of the River Bladnoch.
This stretch consists of 24 named pools and commences at a point four miles from the hotel.

Fishing At Corsemalzie House Hotel

We still have a few Spring fish. Summer runs of grilse and salmon vary from year to year due to the amount and timing of the summer rains and 1998 was particularly good in July and August due to lthe high rainfall.

September and October has consistently produced the best catches and the year 2000 followed this pattern.

The season opens on 11th February and closes on 31st October.

Most of the pools are suitable for fly fishing if the water conditions are favourable. In February and March spinning with minnows is the most succesful method of fishing, but as the water warms up fly fishing comes into its own. Fishing with prawn or shrimp is strictly forbidden.

The hotel also has five miles of salmon and trout fishing on the River Tarff, which consists of a number of main pools and several smaller pools.

The Tarff has a very good late Summer/Autumn run of grilse and salmon and some good trout fishing, particularly in the Spring.

We also have trout fishing in the Malzie Burn and coarse fishing in the nearby lochs.

Clugston Loch has now been stocked and will be available for boat fishing for the season. During 2000, 252 brown/rainbow trout were caught with an average weight of 4 1/2 lbs.

Tuition and hire of tackle is available.

Our gillie is available for most of the season at an extra charge.

Tariff for 2001

Rivers Bladnoch & Tariff
22 per day/110 per week per rod
Rivers Bladnoch & Tariff for trout
Free to residents
Malzie Burn for trout
Free to residents
Private lochs nearby with coarse fishing
Free to residents
Trout fishing on Clugston loch, including boat, fly fishing only
17 per day, per rod, including boat

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