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Greenies Game Fishing Ltd

Greenies Game Fishing Ltd

Tel: 01424 830721/07970 862132
Fax: 01424 830721


The dream of Mr Green is to make fishing affordable to people who want the big game but think that they cannot afford it.
Fishing in the Gambia has been an on-going passion for 15 years for Malcolm Green, owner of Greenies Game Fishing Ltd.

In early ’99 he started out with a new boat, a 26” Catamaran ‘Glacier Bay’, powered by two Honda four stroke engines, with a British code of practice. A good sort, very safe and reliable, that comes first.

For endless hours of fishing the setting is perfect.
We offer excursions down the river and accommodation.
Pig hunting will soon be available in 2001.

The scenery around the Gambian coast is lush to say the least, with plenty of history, and dolphins can be spotted regularly. All year round you can catch the local reef fish, bottom fishing is abundant, whilst luring for barracudas is very popular, they are massive! Estuary fishing is very rewarding and a good day out in the mangroves; this brings pleasures to all types of fishermen and women, the aim is to make sure that you don’t come back empty handed!

We offer blue water fishing to those who want a grand prize, we’ve caught Mia Mia dolphin and tuna’s and hooked into swordfish off the Gambia, the travelling time is 2 hours being 30 miles until the continental shelf drops, this is a great experience off west Africa.

Inland fishing is good all year round, always a ray or snapper or lady-fish, to name but a few, to be had, all types and sizes, good for all. Tarpon are caught here throughout the year, but a lot still needs to be learnt about their feeding habits. The silver giant is also a grand game prize. The river being a great feeding ground for all types of fish, feeding the great ocean.

We have also taken trips to Dakar in Senegal, staying on Gory Island, a well-known blue water destination, only three hours from the Gambia by ferry. The minimum trips are of 4 days & will provide an amazing experience, especially when the costs are shared between 3 or 4 people, we have had some very happy customers!

Travelling to the Gambia is fairly in expensive. All winter sun travel agents offer package holidays. The Gambian Experience is very good and they operate on their own in this specialist market. Taking the family to sit by the pool while your fishing is good entertainment for all.

If you are a very keen fisherman or woman you can get return flights off Teletext or bargain basement deals as cheap as £120, accommodation is easy to find and very affordable.

The Gambia is a lovely place with lovely people, well worth a visit.

For information please call Andy Green……………

Holidays in Gambia,

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