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Deep Forest

Deep Forest
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Flyfishing adventure holidays in Sweden with Deep Forest.

Sweden offers excellent flyfishing for salmon, sea-trout, trout, grayling, char and pike in beautiful and unspoilt wilderness surroundings. Here you can discover your own river stretch in the middle of the forest, or enjoy the company of anglers from all over the world in one of the well-known fishing camps. Choose between the mighty mountain rivers and crystal clear lakes of Lapland, the beautiful forest rivers and lakes of central Sweden, the gently-flowing low-land streams in the south, or the varied 8,000 km coastline surrounding most of the country.

Our experienced English-speaking guides will take care of all practical arrangements so that you can concentrate on and enjoy the fishing. Accomodation ranges from basic fishing camps to comfortable hotels, depending on the destination.

Sweden is easy to get to and you will be by the fishing water within hours of departing Britain. It has a similar summer climate to Britain and most people speak English.

Deep Forest offers a wide selection of top-class fishing holidays to Sweden:
Kaitum River (Tjuonajokk): Take the helicopter to one of Europe’s best places for grayling and trout.
Torne River with tributaries: Salmon and sea-trout in mighty, untouched river.
Pieske streams (Miekak): Trout and arctic char in breathtaking mountain setting reached only by helicopter.
Lainio River with tributaries: Salmon, sea-trout, brown trout, grayling in beautiful wilderness.
Lina River and Ängesån River: Salmon, sea-trout and grayling next to magnificent waterfall.
Vasp and Vojm Rivers: Trout, grayling and char in beautiful mountain area.
Byske River: Salmon, sea-trout and trout in beautiful forest river.
Lögde River: Salmon, sea-trout and brown trout in small forest river, perfect for flyfishing.
Kalix River with tributaries and the Baltic coast: Salmon, sea-trout, brown trout, pike, grayling.
Svanisträsk Lake: Record trout in large forest lake.

Gimån River and Idsjöströmmen: Fantastic fishing for grayling and trout in this famous river.
Vasterdal River: Grayling, trout, char, pike in a beautiful forest setting.
High Coast: Pike fishing along the coast, in lakes and in rivers.

Morrum River: world-famous salmon flyfishing river.
Em River: Classic sea-trout river with long flyfishing tradition.

Please note that we also arrange tailor-made holidays to any Swedish fishing water you may wish to visit.

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Deep Forest
Tel: +44 (0)1954 230909
Fax: +44 (0)1954 231534
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