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Pole to Pole Anglers

Pole to Pole Anglers
Ryvington House
20 Fosterville Crescent
Aber, NP7 5H6

Tel: 01873 858558
Fax: 01873 858868


Fish the worlds top locations and programmes for saltwater and freshwater

We are a specialty agency organising fishing packages to the worlds top fisheries. Our destination list is extremely varied and we cater to all anglers whether you care to present a size 18 dry fly to a rising Argentine trout or wish to do battle with a monster Costa Rican blue marlin.

With 13 years of international guiding as our foundation we have
accumulated a top destination list of the best lodges, guides and
fisheries. Having worked in many of the areas we offer it has given us a
unique intimacy of many of our programmes and just as importantly the
fisheries themselves, allowing us to portray a truly accurate picture of
what each angler can expect at their chosen location.

There is no extra cost to you !!. All our prices are those quoted by each
destination and the cost is the same whether you book direct with the
lodge or through us. Your obvious and most important advantage in choosing
us is that unlike each lodge we have access to many different programmes,
so whether you are an avid angler wanting sun up, sun down fishing or that
you have commitments outside of the fishing, Pole to Pole will provide a
programme that will best suit what it is you are looking for most in your
holiday. We shall make all your arrangements on your behalf and provide all
the technical support for your trip.

The UK's most experience international fly fishing guide has select weeks
available for those anglers wanting to gain as much experience as possible
from their chosen destination and it's fish. Greg has been teaching
fisherman from around the world for over 13 years from swinging flies at
migratory species such as seatrout and steelhead in the rivers of North and
South America, dropping huge flies to the sailfish and Marlin of Costa Rica
and Panama, Stalking large trout in the rivers and lakes of the Andes and
Rocky mountains to poling the Caribbean flats in search of Bonefish, tarpon
and Permit. Greg has taught hundreds of fly fisherman the necessary skills
and techniques to be successful when travelling to unfamiliar waters. The
most sought after trips are those by anglers wishing to make the transition
from their familiar freshwater surrounds to the new and often trying
experiences of the saltwater flats.

Call or email for a tighter line.

Holidays in United Kingdom, United States, Sweden, Bahamas, Spain, Canada, France,

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