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Fish Finder Holidays

Fish Finder Holidays

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The unspoilt pastures of rural Ireland is home to some of the worlds most exciting fishing

Unlike other agents we have based ourselves in Ireland to ensure that you receive a personal service and up to date information on the Top Angling Venues and other activities.

The unspoilt pastures of rural Ireland is home to some of the world's most exciting fishing. Ireland is equally famous for the magical atmosphere and live music of its many bars and restaurants where the craic is always mighty.

In our brochure you will find a selection of accommodation for some of the best angling locations in Ireland and at the best possible prices.

We offer a full range of angling holidays covering Coarse, Sea and Pike Fishing.

Ireland can offer superb coarse fishing throughout the year, providing great catches of Bream, Roach, Hybrids & Tench.

Reasons to Book With Fish Finder Holidays:

  • Unlike other agents we are based in Ireland
  • We guarantee our brochure prices
  • TOFC Holiday Financial Protection
  • Irish Office open 7 days a week
  • Up to Date Local Angling Knowledge

Sea Fishing

The magnificent seas around Ireland offer sea anglers spectacular sport rarely found elsewhere. The most popular areas would be around Donegal and Galway on the West Coast, or Cork on the East Coast.

Pike Fishing

From early October to the end of March, Ireland offers anglers some of the finest Pike fishing in Europe.
With fewer anglers around you have greater access and a wider choice of venues.
Most of the Lakes and Loughs can provide anglers with great sport, every year Pike from 20 to 30lbs upwards are landed from Irish waters. We can provide you with a selection of accommodations that offer excellent advice and information on Pike Fishing, so why not take a winter break and try Piking Irish style.

Agents for the following ferry companies

  • Irish Ferries
  • Stena Line
  • Sea Cat Services (Liverpool)

    Holidays in Ireland,

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