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Din Tur

Din Tur
Sjøgata 11B
N-7600 Levanger Norway

Tel: +47 74013290
Fax: +47 74013125


Visit beautiful Norway on an exciting fishing trip. Ocean and fjord fishing from a small boat, be your own skipper. The best rivers for salmon, the nicest mountain lakes for trout.

Din Tur, Norway

Welcome to Norway, a country with endless fishing opportunities. We made a selection for you of the sport fishing destinations, offered by Din Tur. Without beating about the bush, we would like to give you a clear picture of the local possibilities.

Visit our website at and see all there is to know about fishing in Norway. Here you find a selection of the best fishing spots in Middle and North Norway. Ocean and Fjord fishing, Salmon and Seatrout and the mountain lakes are available on our
On-line Booking system

Despite the present attention to sport fishing trips to Scandinavia, sport fishing at sea in Norway is still in its infancy. The Norwegians themselves have just recently started sport fishing at sea. Nature is still truly intact here and the animals and plants form an adventure themselves.

Norway is one of the few countries in Europe, where one can fish at sea in a “small” boat without a skipper. Often with good results! This means that quite a lot is expected from your fishing capabilities and the ability to improvise. You would need to use a depth gauge and a sea map. With a thorough preparation and the right gear we would like to make each trip a successful one, together with you.

Our destinations for a sport fishing holiday in the fjords or at open sea are of a high quality standard in and around the accommodation . The various accommodations are comfortably furnished with a complete kitchen and often equipped with a washing machine and a dishwasher. The bedclothes are included in the price. Each accommodation has a boat as standard, which can be used by a maximum of three anglers. Extra boats can be hired.

  • The boats are minimally 15 ft. long and have at least a 10-hp outboard motor.
  • You can hire a depth gauge.
  • There is a sea chart of the fishing area.
  • There are facilities to clean the fish.
  • There are possibilities to freeze the fish.
  • There is an information folder.

Salmon and Seatrout are to catch in one of the beautiful rivers. In combination with a nice cabin you can experience nature in a unique way

Order a free catalogue and video and contact us with all your questions, we have tested all the destinations our self !!!!

Also a great variety of hunting trips!
Din Tur, inn i naturen med jakt og fiske

Holidays in Norway,

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