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Norgold – Norwegian Salmon Fishing

Norgold – Norwegian Salmon Fishing
Croasdale Drive,
Lancashire, WN8 7HR

Tel: 01257 46 4805
Fax: 01257 46 2868


Challenging salmon fishing with fabulous chances of heavy weight salmon. Exclusively for people with high expectations.

The “Queen of Rivers” River Namsen, Norway

River Namsen is regarded as the most productive salmon river in Norway’s southern part, providing 25 – 30 tonnes of rod-caught salmon annually. River Namsen is also particularly famous for its big salmon – and throughout the season (1/6 – 31/8) there is always the change of catching the big one! Last year (1999) the biggest catch was 43lb (19,8kg), although the rod-record from 1924 is 69lb (31,5kg).

River Namsen has a long tradition in providing fishing for British anglers (or should we say English noblemen) as these fly-fishers came to Namsen around the 1830s until the Second World War. They quickly discovered the virtues of the river and named it the “Queen of Rivers” – a nametag that has never been challenged!

Due to favourable conditions, easy accessibility and reasonable prices – Norway now provides an attractive choice for any ‘nobleman’ seeking new fishing opportunities and particularly our main attraction this year – the Seem Estate beat at River Namsen, offers a challenging but reasonable fishing opportunity. Three types of fishing are available at the Seem beat; fly-fishing, harling (boat) and spinning - and the beat provides excellent changes for both the experienced and the novice angler! In addition to the Seem beat, we have access to additional beats at River Namsen as well as other fishing opportunities in the surrounding area.

The Seem Estate is steeped in history and traditions regarding salmon fishing, farming, hunting and trade. The estate and its family go back to the 1650s and the present owner, Anders Seem, is the fifteenth generation at Seem. They are adventurous people too, in the 1820s his great-great-grandfather, also Anders Seem, travelled to London to offer salmon fishing to English noblemen!

Norgold Associates (partners resident in the UK and Norway) has again made River Namsen easily available for British game fishers. We are offering an all incl. package; flights, transport, fishing, full board accommodation, guiding. Flights from London or Manchester will take approx. 3 hours incl. changeover in Oslo. The follow on journey is approx. 2 hours by car/coach.

River Namsen is a wonderful and exciting river and the ‘Queen’is holding court every summer. Welcome to the magic golden summer nights and the spellbinding thrills of salmon fishing!

Holidays in Norway,

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