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Ash Rapids Lodge

Ash Rapids Lodge
Post Office Box 1090
, P9 3X7

Tel: UK 1 800 465 1095


We are located on a beautiful Lake in the woods of Northwest Ontario and offer some of the best fishing available in Canada.

Go Back In Time
Across the vast forests and rocky terrain of the rugged Canadian shield spans a lake considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world. When 17th century French explorer Jaques DeNoyan first discovered it he called it Lac aux Iles. Today, its seemingly countless islands and stretches of crystal clear water is known as Lake of the Woods. Home to a wide variety of wildlife and fish species, this majestic wilderness remains virtually untouched.

An opportunity for anglers
Cast out a dry fly or a surface lure and hang on. A catch of a lifetime happens every day on Lake of the Woods, where giant pike, muskie and bass roam the depths. Tie on a jig and tangle with a determined trout or walleye - exceptional for their culinary qualities. Your personal Ash Rapids guide will show you all the action you can handle. Then, head to a secluded shore to sample your catch in an unforgettable feast prepared by your guide.

For a brochure, flight information and rates in Sterling please call Ash Rapids Lodge toll free from the UK 877 806 8228

alternatively,e-mail us here

or visit our website here

Be our guest

Surrounded in the adventure and beauty of Lake of the Woods, as a guest of Ash Rapids Lodge you'll stay in the heart of it all. Your journey begins the
moment you land when we whisk you out to our remote location. We take care
of everything. Spacious, modern cabins are cleaned daily for your comfort.
Hearty breakfasts and sumptuous dinners include prime rib of beef, fresh
walleye and other delights prepared by our master chef. Have a cocktail and
dinner on the rustic outdoor patio, or come inside where pine finishing,
trophy fish and big game mounts accent the classic Canadian atmosphere. At
Ash Rapids Lodge we ensure the quality of our service is equal to the
magnificence of our surroundings.

What are you waiting for

For a brochure, flight information and rates in Sterling please call Ash Rapids Lodge toll free from the UK 877 806 8228

e-mail us here

or visit our website here

Holidays in Canada,

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