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Dreamstream Newzealand

Dreamstream Newzealand
"Roanoke" RD2
Lake Taupo
New Zealand.

Tel: ++64 (7) 386 6393
Fax: ++64 (7) 386 0660


For decades New Zealand, or Aotearoa as the native Maori's call it, has been known as a fisherman's mecca, the "Anglers El-Dorado".

For decades New Zealand, or Aotearoa as the native Maori's call it, has been
known as a fisherman's mecca, the "Anglers El-Dorado".
Zane Grey, possibly New Zealands godfather of fishing, returned on a number
of occasions to continue what is one of the world's ultimate flyfishing
It is this experience we would like to share with you-the challenge of
spotting and stalking wild and selective New Zealand trout. With a Dream
Streams guide this can become reality.

Dream Streams New Zealand specialise in backcountry flyfishing in pristine
bush streams or crystal clear spring creeks. If your flyfishing dream
involves drifting drys and nymphs over sighted Rainbows and Brownies that
average 4 pounds (23-25 inches), then New Zealand is your answer. Then of
course there is the possibility that you could join the illustrious "Double
Digit Club."
Dream Streams have numerous options available in both the North and South
Islands. From helicopter fly-in's and jetboat access staying at wilderness
camps, to lodges, farmstays and private accommodation. We offer personalised
4x4 itineraries through some of New Zealand's premier backcountry rivers.
Flexibility, experience and local knowledge are three of our key attributes
which are essential for a successful trip.

For years the tales of Zane Grey's fishing adventures in New Zealand's Bay
of Islands and Bay of Plenty have rebounded around the world.
Today's fishing legends, such as Lefty Kreh, Billy Pate and Ed Zern,
continue this pilgrimage to New Zealand's fabled fishing waters. The fishing
tackle and boats may have evolved over the years, but the gamefishing
remains the same-A1.
Here at Dream Streams Gamefishing we are fortunate to have on our doorstep
some of the best Gamefishing, Light Tackle and Saltwater Flyfishing in the
world. From Big Game Marlin sportfishing to Yellowtail Kingfish and Tuna on
the flyrod.

The warm summer currents that flow down to New Zealand from the Pacific
from December to March, bring with them large numbers of gamefish. This
coupled with a serious `Tag and Release' program ensures that gamefishing
Down Under' remains a "must do" for any sportsfisherman. Blue, Black and
Striped Marlin exist in such numbers during the summer season to ensure a
memorable trip is had by all.
`Light Tackle' fishing has become more and more popular in New Zealand in
the last decade. Yellowtail Kingfish, Skipjack and Yellowfin Tuna also
migrate south over our summer. New Zealand's diverse coastline allows for
some exhilarating `light tackle' angling. Flyfishing to schools of Kahawai
(a native sea trout that grows up to 10 lbs) is an experience not to be
missed. Jigging, bait and lure fishing to Snapper and Trevally round off the
Dreams Streams Gamefishing adventure.

Holidays in New Zealand,

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