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Articles by Stephen Yeoman

A Mixed Bag - February 2001

Fly rod fishing for coarse fish

January Mixed Bag - STEVE YEOMANS

More flood tactics

December Mixed Bag - STEPHEN YEOMAN


A Mixed Bag - November.

Pin fishing

A Mixed Bag!

The Professional Anglers Association - there to train anglers

Fly Fishing for Carp

Following on from my previous article on "fly rodding for carp" here I intend to focus on the surface and subsurface tactics I have used in various circumstances to deceive fish - well, some of the time anyway!

Fly Rodding for Carp

"fly rodding for carp does not mean fly-fishing for carp"

The PAA for the Beginner & Experienced Alike

How to get instruction

Crayfish Patterns for Stillwater Trout

Stephen Yeoman investigates some different ideas for catching trout

The Crayfish Phenomenon

Scary things discussed!

Dummy Baits

Artificial baits - how to use them

Give 'em Something Different!

Trying something new can pay off. Stephen Yeoman explains



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