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Articles by Dr Paul Garner

Dr Paul Garner

Despite being born in central London, Paul Garner comes from a family who's history has been intertwined with angling for generations. During his teens Paul spent most of his time match fishing with local clubs, travelling to such exotic venues as the Hampshire Avon and Great Ouse on the weekly coach outing. During the mid-eighties Paul began tench fishing, and then carp fishing in earnest. This set the die for Paul's future fishing career with a gradual move towards specialist angling and tackling his chosen quarry in both the environment and time of his choosing.

Paul now fishes for 'larger than average' fish of all species both in Britain and around the World. Highlights include roach and rudd to three and a half pounds, bream over thirteen pounds and carp to thirty seven pounds. Paul has also taken catfish to 143lb and common skate to 116lb, yet he still gets most enjoyment from plotting the downfall of the specimens in fisheries much closer to home.

Paul has a Doctorate in fish behaviour and has spent more than a decade working on subjects as diverse as the survival of barbel eggs, seasonal movements of dace in chalk streams, habitat improvement in lowland rivers and factors affecting the growth of coarse fish. Today, Paul is boss of consultancy firm Aquatic Research and Management and writes for several angling magazines on both angling and fisheries management issues.

Sunny afternoons and patrolling carp

How to stalk them in the margins.

Don't knock it 'til you've tried it

Paul visits Barford, a commercial fishery, and gets a nice surprise!

Spod u like?

Why and how to use a spod

Action stations!

Sharpen up the float skills with Dr Paul's diagnosis

Patrol routes II

Find the patrol routes to unlock better catches.

Patrol routes

Exactly when fish move is important!

Spring barbel - DR PAUL GARNER

End of season can bring the big barbel out.

Man-made monsters - DR PAUL GARNER

Featureless drains can turn up good fish

Surprise surprise! - DR PAUL GARNER

However good an angler you may be, you cannot catch fish that do not exist.

A little winter warmer - DR PAUL GARNER

Big silver dace

February Tincas - DR PAUL GARNER

Tench are not just a summer fish. How to catch 'em in winter

Short sessions, big fish

Winter river baits

Short sessions, big fish

Winter river baits

Backwater bonanza - DR PAUL GARNER

Fish those overgrown backwaters to get your best chance of some serious winter sport.

Backwater bonanza - DR PAUL GARNER

Fish those overgrown backwaters to get your best chance of some serious winter sport.

Grayling on the feeder - DR PAUL GARNER

Dr Paul explains why trotting for grayling (my favourite method) is not necessarily the best way of fishing for them. Damn him!

Man-made hotspots - DR PAUL GARNER

The Doc points out that artificial hotspots can also be productive

Testing times

Dr Paul explores tackle and value for money


How to get your casting really accurate.

Perfect timing?

Feeding times.



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