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Articles by Matt Johnson

Eel Fishing Basics: pt 2 - Matt Johnson

More insights into the hows and wheres of eeling.

Eel Fishing Basics pt 1

Fascinating stuff - even if you hate them, this is worth reading.

Liven up the dead Pt 2

Matt Johnson continues his piece about enhancing deadbaits

Liven up the Dead

Deadbait enhancing. How to make those baits more attractive

FEATURE Small River Carping. Pt 2

The one noticeable thing about these mini rivers, is that you can often winkle out fish during the day using stalking tactics. Freelined worm will often catch a carp or two. No need for big rods here, just a light through actioned rod and strong hooks! These fish are very wary, and will shy away from any bankside noise, so donít take your ghetto blaster for those night trips!


Many of you would have read Bill Rushmerís article on fishing the river Thames for carp and this has hopefully whetted your appetite for fishing for river carp.



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