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Articles by David Hall

Travelling Rods: A crazy mixed-up end to the year

Val and David Hall spend their retirement visiting the top angling spots around the world. This month they recount their recent visits to Denmark, Spain and MEXICO!

Travelling Rods - back on the Ebro

Dave and Val get back to their second home in Spain

Travelling Rods: The Gambia, a new experience


Travelling Rods - in Goa


Travelling Rods: Spain and the mighty Ebro. Part 3

The final article in this excellent series

Travelling Rods - Spain and the mighty Ebro: pt2

Nobody knows it better

Travelling Rods - Spain and the mighty Ebro

Nobody knows the lower Ebro better than Dave and Val - they live there

Travelling Rods - Gard, France

Dave and Val journey to the south of France

Travelling Rods in Denmark

It all started on a summer's day in 1951.



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