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Articles by Henry Gilbey

Henry Gilbey

Henry Gilbey has been fishing since the age of seven and has lived in Plymouth for the last nine years; this is about the perfect base for a fanatical sea angler. He currently writes and photographs full time for various angling publications, as well as being the presenter of a successful TV series, Fishing with Henry. Filming is due to start in early 2002 on a new ten-part series, again concentrating mainly on sea fishing.

Henry is currently in the middle of writing/photographing a world-wide angling book for a major publishing house and this tome is due for release in Spring 2003. Amongst all this he still manages to fish as much as is possible, taking in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, The Channel Islands, The Isles of Scilly, plus various far-flung corners of the globe (eg Namibia, Florida, Canada, Sweden).

Big shore conger – the UK’s ultimate challenge?

Henry Gilbey looks at where and how to approach the conger eel from the shores.

Winter – more than cod to catch………

Rays, wrasse, flounder, conger...

Plymouth – back on the map

One of the top spots in the west of the country

Wrap up, winter’s coming!

How to keep warm on the shore-fishing scene

It’s nearly cod time again!

Henry is itching for them

Shore fishing tackle

What you'll need

Major Baits

Henry looks at what goes on the ook

SW Summer Shore Sport

I know it is only May and, after the winter we have been through, summer must seem like a distant dream, but really, those warmer months are just around the corner; that is what we are led to believe anyway!

A worthy adversary – the Thornback ray

You can catch them all year round

Namibia part 2 : Skeleton coast

The heart in mouth experience

Namibia Sharking – Monsters off the Beach!

Blow your mind in Namibia

The Isles of Scilly

How and where to tackle the species around the Scillies

A Passion for Winter

Henry's passion - cod

Catch a Silver Bullet


Alderney and Jersey – an angler’s paradise

Sea fishing heaven

You can catch mullet if you use your head!

They are not so hard

Cornwall, Porbeagles and the odd Great White

Jaws off Cornwall



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