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Articles by John Bailey

John Bailey

John Bailey is one of Europeís best known fishermen. Heís a columnist for Coarse Fisherman, Trout Fisherman, Improve Your Coarse Fishing, The Fly Fisherís Journal, Waterlog and Blinker and Carp Hunterís Magazine in Europe. He also contributes to The Field, The Independent and The Daily Mail. His pioneering features have been on subjects as diverse as ferox trout, taimen, Wensum roach, Wye barbel and Indian mahseer.

John has also written over twenty-five books on angling, many recounting his adventures round the world. One, The Fishing Detective, has proved to be the inspiration behind the BBC series Tales from the Riverbank for which John was presenter and consultant. He was also author of the book of the series. John was an advisor for Channel 4ís Screaming Reels team and Radio 5ís Dirty Tackle. He presented the award-winning documentary Casting for Gold, the Himalayan mahseer spectacular, which has been networked worldwide. For four years, John was presenter, along with Joy Hicklin-Bailey, of the BBC 2ís series A Week in the Country and the Countryside Hour. John is currently preparing to film around the Caspian Sea, highlighting the plight of the sturgeon at the hand of the Mafia. His latest book, Trout at Ten Thousand Feet, published by New Holland is a gripping account of his life as a travelling fisherman.

British Adventures

John Bailey explains how you don't have to journey to the ends of the earth to find prime fishing locations. Britain has plenty to offer.

The dos and don'ts of the big fishing trip

How to prepare for that big trip

The Scottish Isles

It's so close yet so often ignored...

Barbel Abroad


The explosive steelhead

The sea going rainbows of BC

Austria: A day on the Drau

Try somewhere different


An anglers paradise

Spain Revisited

Since my last feature on Spain, last year, Iíve made quite a few more visits to all parts of the country.


Here's a different location - with Arctic char!

Spanish Black Bass

Find out why the Americans love 'em

Asp Ė John Bailey

Not the snake!

Amur Pike

Mongolian predators


"the best wild fishing there is anywhere in the world"

Mahseer of Southern India

The Cauvery giants - how to catch them

Mahseer Fishing in the Himalayas

The Golden monsters of India's North

All Spain Can Offer

There's a lot on offer

Baltic Pike

Pike from the sea!

Celtic Ferox

The ferox is probably the most exciting and certainly the least understood predator in the United Kingdom.

French Barbel

How to find a venue for french barbel



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