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Articles by Lesley Crawford

Lesley Crawford

Lesley Crawford has been fishing for wild trout in Scotland for over 40 years and her enthusiasm for the sport shows absolutely no signs of diminishing. She is a well established highly respected author with three major titles for Swan Hill, notably the highly acclaimed 'Scotlands Classic Wild Trout Waters'. Recently Lesley finished 'The Wild Trout Fishers Handbook' again for Swan Hill and this should be out in the summer of 2002.

Lesley works as a demonstrator at the prestigious CLA Game Fair, is a prolific contributor to the angling press with feature articles and photographs regularly used in amongst others the Scotsman, Salmon Trout & Sea Trout and Fish&Fly Internet magazine. As well as feature writing and photography Lesley has appeared on UK television's 'Screaming Reels' and 'Countrymans Hour' and also on BBC radio. She is a highly experienced SANA instructor and REFFIS Approved Fishing Guide with extensive experience of teaching and guiding all ages and angling abilities from beginner to expert. Her principal business in the summer is guiding and or instructing angling parties large and small and most of the winter is spent freelance writing. Lesley also has an extensive photo library of Scottish fishing scenes and landscapes available for contract hire.

Lesley comes originally from Glasgow where she graduated from Strathclyde University with a Bachelor of Arts in the early 1970's. For the past 18 years Lesley has lived with her family in the village of Reay on the Caithness Sutherland border. She is happily married to Ron and they have two fine sons Andrew and Ewan.

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