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Articles by Eric Edwards

Eric Edwards

Eric Edwards is forty five years of age, a logistics manager and lives in St. Helens, near Liverpool with his wife and three children. An angler since the age of six, he has specialised in catching specimen coarse fish for the last thirty years.

Notable captures include a record tench, caught in 1983 and a bream of 15lbs 2oz, just 4oz off the record at the time of capture. More recently, Eric has had great success with big pike, taking a number of thirty pound plus fish including no less than three over 37lbs in weight with the largest going 41lbs 8oz, caught in 2001.

Eric's pike fishing ambitions include the capture of a Welsh "thirty" to compliment others from England, Ireland and Scotland. Most of Eric's fishing is done in the North West of England on such waters as the Ribble, upper Severn and Cheshire Meres. His constant fishing companion is his son, Joe, who is fourteen years of age.

Chub on the Bounce

Eric tells how to fish an upstream leger in a rather different manner to usual

Monster Pike - In Jig Time

Two pike for a total of 79lb in one day? It happened to Eric!

I'm Walking Backwards for Christmas

A novel approach to canal piking

The Changing Face of Pike Fishing

The new venues for the whoppers

Barbel Year - The Last Bit

The end of Eric's barbel year..

Barbel Year Part 5: A Change of Fortune

Eric changes tactics

Barbel Year Pt 4 - Water Water Everywhere

The "mechanics" of barbel fishing.

Barbel Year Part 3

Eric diary contiinues

Barbel Year - The Hunt Begins

This month I want to concentrate on choosing a swim for barbel. Most people only use one method of swim selection, information passed on from another angler who's either had a good catch himself or has seen someone else catching. This is ok, if a little unadventurous but barbel swims are really not hard to spot and with a little experience you can find your own swims fairly easily.

Barbel Year

Part 1, Setting The Scene

Better Boat Fishing Part 5

Drifting and Trolling

Better Boat Fishing Pt 4


Better Boat Fishing: Pt 3

Freshwater boat-fishing. Try it!

Better Boat Fishing. Pt 2 The Basics

"Whatever floats your boat " is not always enough

Better Boat Fishing

How to choose the right boat



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