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Articles by Roddy Hays

Fancy a marlin trip of a lifetime?
Yum Yum - recipes !

Rod comes down from his tower and enters the kitchen

Food that fought

Roddy Hays explores a rarely mentioned subject. How to clean, prepare and cook your catch.

Global Warming - what will we catch next year ?

Roddy ponders over the exotic species turning up in UK waters these days

What's on your shelf?

Roddy takes a look at his bookshelf

Ireland, bluefins and thoughts on kites

Roddy searches for Irish bluefin with some interesting techniques

MADEIRA '92 - More from the captain's log and a $60 swordfish

Amazing memoirs

La Gomera Diary, July 2001, (plus some thoughts)

Marlin trolling in the Canary Islands

La Gomera Diary, 3 days in June 2001

Canary island marlin fishing

La Gomera Diary, May 2001

Canary Island marlin fishing

MADEIRA '92 - More excerpts from a captain's log

Memories of good days past

First Impressions: Boat Test - Samson 525 Powercat

A review of the latest super-cat

An assortment of Spring thoughts: for what they’re worth, anyway

Some smart ideas from the master

MADEIRA 1992 - excerpt from a captain’s log

Stardate 65.666...

MADEIRA 1993 – excerpts from the days of sharp learning curves

Boom days from the past

Knots and Wrinkles

Roddy passes on some hints and tips

Lessons to be Learned

From Alderney bass to Tropical marlin - Roddy has picked up a few tips

Big Boat or Little Boat ?

Smile :-) you are about to go boat shopping!

La Gomera Diary: September 28th, 2000

The Andromeda does it's trick again..


The Marlin fishers diary



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