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Articles by Alan Tomkins

Alan Tomkins

He's been fishing longer than he cares to admit and writing about it since the mid-seventies, initially for Angling magazine. After the demise of Angling, Alan wrote for the various iterations of Coarse Fishing, and for several years was a regular contributor to Carp World magazine. Fishes, or has fished for, most things in freshwater in this country. Favourite fishing is probably fly-fishing for salmon, or sea trout, but due to distance/cost/availability now spends most of his fishing time after specimen coarse fish.

Winter diary - Feb 2002

Ooops - here's one I prepared earlier!

Winter Diary 2002 - End of Season

At last - some roach.

Winter Diary

Better late than never!

Winter Diary - Perch Interlude

Alan starts his winter sessions on the Kennet for perch

Alaska - 2001 part 3

Alan's party get ready to leave and are confronted with a bear!

Alaska 2001 Part 2

Alaskan fish-soup has a fly in it!

Alaska - 2001 - Part 1

Alan Tomkins braves the airways in search of an American silver salmon on the fly

Days and Nights of Salmon & Sea trout - 5

Return to Scotland.

Days and nights of Salmon & Seatrout - pt 4

Eire memoirs

Days and Nights of Salmon & Sea trout - 3

Ireland in '78

Days & Nights of Salmon & Sea Trout - Pt.2

Alan remembers

Days and Nights of Salmon & Sea-Trout

Alan remembers...

Winter Diary - end of season 2001

The last winter diary for this year

Winter Diary - February

Take the rough with the rough..

Winter Diary 4 - January Sessions

Still searching for a big river roach

Winter Diary 2000 - December

Rain, rain and more rain has been the story of this winter so far. The barbel anglers must be having a field day. But for roach anglers waiting for the rivers to fine down, at the moment it seems a hopeless case.

Winter Diary - 2000 November

Alan's search for a big winter river roach continues

Winter Diary - October 2000

Still chasing the river roach

Tales from Oblong Pool - Vince & the Midnight Crawler : pt 2.

The tale continues..

Tales from Oblong Pool - Vince & the Midnight Crawler : Pt 1

Alan tells a tale..



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