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Articles by Ian Wakeford

Ian Wakeford

Ian Wakeford has been fishing since he first caught crabs and gobies at the tender age of 7. (A dose of antibiotics soon cleared it up!) He crafted his piscatorial arts in and around West London, on the Thames and Royal Parks and further afield gravel pits when he learned to drive. Nowadays he lives in Rutland and fishes mainly for Pike and Catfish in the Peterborough Area. Ian now also runs a fishery in his spare time called Bainton Fisheries which is in the Welland Valley near Stamford and a web site dedicated to predator fishing

When Ian is not fishing, netting fish, chainsawing trees or building swims, he manages to hold down a full time job in the NHS as a Head of an IT Service in Leicestershire. Ian is particularly proud of catching a 32lb Pike and about 30 Catfish to date over 40lbs up to 106lbs. Ian is desperate to crack the Spanish Lower Ebro but every time he goes the conditions are wrong.

Still there is always next year!!!

131lb Catfish - Ian's 1/2 term PB

131lb Catfish. B-i-g pussy!

The meaning of life, bait boats and everything

Radio controlled fishing - how to do it



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