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Articles by Mike Thrussel

Christmas Codding

Yuletide chances are high;get out and give it a go!

A Mini Revival!

Mike goes after the minis and discovers he's hooked

Get Wrecked

Welsh wrecking

Mexico's Surf Sensation

Mike in Mexico

Mexico pt2 Panga Power!

The boatfishing

Mexico’s Magic Marlin

Marlin fishing the inexpensive way

Tope: All For Free

How, when and where to catch them

Up River Adventure

The Gambia River

Fish The Gambia!

The Gambia - a great fishing holiday destination.

Galloping Gurnards

How to catch them

Catch a Common!

Common skate!

How To Rig Out A Dinghy

The main growth area in sea angling remains small boat fishing.

Shore Black Bream

How to catch them from the shore

Big Boat Bull's

Where and how to catch them

West Coast Wrasse

Where to find them and how to catch them

Rock Bassin'

How and where to find and catch them

Rock Conger Capers

Big eels from the rocks - Here's how

Catch Some Rays

Thornbacks - how and where to catch them

Be A Dab Hand

How to catch them

Log On To Ling

Wrecking for ling, how to do it



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