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Articles by Dave Harrell

Weekly Diary 20/08/01 - DAVE HARRELL

Evesham approaches

Weekly Diary - DAVE HARRELL

Meatballs do the trick!

Weekly Diary 6/08/01 DAVE HARRELL

Things are not so hot on the Severn

Weekly Diary 30/07/01 - DAVE HARRELL

Juniors time

Weekly Diary 23/07/01: DAVE HARRELL

Discussing the Severn

Weekly Diary 16/07/01 - DAVE HARRELL

Three bad draws in a row have hit hard

Weekly Diary 9/7/01 - DAVE HARRELL

A day out with Mark

Weekly Diary 2/07/01 - DAVE HARRELL

Lucky 113?

Weekly Diary 24/6/01: DAVE HARRELL

Dave gets back in the frame

Weekly Diary 18/6/01: DAVE HARRELL

The opening day was a bit of a let down

Weekly Diary - 11/6/01 DAVE HARRELL

Waiting for the river season

Weekly Diary 4/6/01 - DAVE HARRELL

Earlswood again

Weekly Diary 28/5/01: DAVE HARRELL

Dave does well in Shopshire

Weekly Diary - DAVE HARRELL

Dave's mixing his sports!

Weekly Diary 14/5/01 - DAVE HARRELL

I went back to Poole Hall fishery last Wednesday and had a really good four-hour workout on peg 25. By the end of the session I reckon I'd taken around eighty pounds of fish with more than three-quarters of the weight made up with tench!

Weekly Diary 7/5/01 - DAVE HARRELL

Some good venues this week

Weekly Diary: Win two grand? - DAVE HARRELL

That's 2000 to you and me...


More pole floats under the magnifying glass

Weekly Diary : Carptek Pole floats - DAVE HARRELL

Pole floats in detail

Weekly Diary 9/04/01 - DAVE HARRELL

More rain!



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